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Quantum Therapeutix is an Evolutionary New System for Rehabilitating C-PTSD, PTSD and Dissociation

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What is

Quantum Therapeautix?

Quantum Therapeutix™ is a rapid new system for rapid lasting proven relief from the symptoms associated with C-PTSD, PTSD and the many factors of Dissociation. We build and utilize your innate abilities to clean up your timeline of any traumatic loops, the quantum entanglements in your timeline, rapidly eliminating triggers, flashbacks, nightmares, looping, and dissociation.

What is C-PTSD?

Complex PTSD is most often reserved for childhood trauma. Trauma that happens systemically and is filtered into every aspect of living. Abusive childhood homes are a step lower in the well than that of a child growing up in a concentration camp. Learn More >>

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C-PTSD - The Adult of Childhood Trauma

The adult of childhood trauma is often alienated from their families. They live in fear and often become abusers themSelves. Others feel hunted and haunted and victimhood follows them into adulthood. Learn More >>

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Quantum Therapeutix Collective

You are not alone anymore. The Quantum Therapeutix Collective is a private community where we can learn together and share with others just like you would on other social platforms except its private. Those that are enrolled in the C-PTSD program or the training programs will have access to each other and your course materials. This community is focused on unity and wholeness within oneSelf. Healing from C-PTSD is a climb and you don’t have to do it alone. Here you will be safe, heard and understood. Come learn and explore! Download the app and sign up today.

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CPTSD Services

Cherie offers different levels and opportunities dependent of your level of needs. From her rapid relief 90 day program designed to move you out of crisis and into a stable place where the chaos is being turned into order.

If you need Help now Cherie offers a onsite deep immersive treatment encompassing Cherie’s handpicked team of healers and chef.

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Quantum Therapeutix Trauma Informed Certification

Cherie is is excited to bring her trauma insormed system to Therapists, Counselors, Coaches, Psychics… Anyone who is dedicated to bringing real tangible change to your clients. They are tired of talking about it and you are tired of telling them about it. Right? Is it time to help them do something about it? Learn More>>


Identify the changes you want to see in your inner life and in your outer life


Identify and clear away the cycles and patterns that sabotage the changes you want to see


Create action strategies to achieve the outer changes in your world to support inner changes


Develop personal responsibility around who you are, how you operate energetically and how you show up in the world


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