7 Tips for Sticky Family Holidays

With the holidays right around the corner, it’s essential for us to be aware and observant of our actions. It’s so easy to get sucked back into old patterns. A family is sticky.

In the words of Emmet Fox…You can’t change your mind without changing your environment. The flip side is also right in that you can’t change your situation without changing your mind.

So going back Home for the holidays can challenge any growth we think that we’ve made.

The holidays can create stress in every direction even with the perfect home or childhood. We have the financial burden and pressure that is tied into the whole commerce of gift giving. We feel built-in guilt and shame engineered to ensure that we will spend the money…no matter what.

How many have worries around being immersed in our nest family dynamic?

We find that we are suddenly thrown into a reactionary space, and all that we think we know goes flying entirely out of our head.

Reaction replaces conscious action.

When we are operating from a reactionary space, we are triggered, and regret most often follows us out on the other side.

So here are some tips for staying balanced.

First, let’s go through all of the extraneous doing that is on your list and rate it by priority. If the world isn’t going to collapse without you making that final trip to the store then sit back down. We claim importance over our doing by the effect and outcome.

Secondly when the jellies grab hold of our belly around the home visit ask yourself. Am I solid in my body? Slip off and pull yourself home.

Third…Make sure your field is set up intentionally for your most optimal reception and communication. This is something we were not taught but is so vital for staying our ground in sticky situations. I have these exercises packaged up for you to have handy right on your phone.

Fourth…If you get an overwhelming wave of emotion we ask ourselves internally is this mine? If the answer is no, we send it back to its rightful owner. If yes we ask what it is relating to and permit ourselves to respond if necessary from a place of grace.

Fifth …I’d like for you to think of those things that we are anticipating happening and visualize yourself walking through it with ease and grace. You choose the outcome. So keep playing the game until you’re claiming the result you want to see.

Sixth…you understand fully all of this is for you. It is not about them. It is about your reaction to them turning into conscious action. You have the power to command the room. You have to claim it.

Seventh…If things feel fuzzy, don’t say anything at all. There is a reason you feel out of sync. Just step back. There may be something that you need to see. Give yourself permission to be an observer for a while and jump back in when you feel ready.

So go home have fun and be in the driver’s seat this year. We are in a time when much healing can be expected with family if we are stable and ready to be different and plan differently. Nothing is going to change here until we look inward and heal ourselves and we repair the family. We are what is this country. If our families are broken, our country is broken.

Use this time leading up to with intention.

Now, these foundational exercises and more are in a brand new course I am launching. Back to Basics foundational exercises. In this video course you also get the audio, so you can have it handy right on your phone for those rattling moments….You can slip away and call yourself home without a bunch of who do. You get the audio and video on setting up your field. And you get the audio and video of my beloved sacred circle…And on top of that, you get a bonus on meditation and the art of recapitulation. And on top of that, you get worksheets so that you can work your way towards conscious action. Just in time for the holidays.

Here is the link: Back to Basics

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