About me

Personal Story

The mother of two daughters, grandmother of two and former mother of two foster children, Cherie’s personal healing journey through childhood trauma began in earnest after her children were grown. Flashbacks caused her tremendous internal torment and continuous overwhelm. She began a spiritual quest that led to unraveling the “old familiar voices” of her childhood. Reconnecting with nature and its healing wisdom, she grew stronger as she gained clarity and a higher perspective about her situation.Cherie’s inner quest led her to experience a variety of synchronistic interactions with shamans from the US and Ireland. They facilitated a journey into her past from the beginning of her timeline when the first act of violence happened, and helped her establish a direct connection to the Divine. Through these interactions, Cherie’s deep mission began to emerge. “The shaman from Ireland spoke of his children and the menial value adults give them,” Cherie recalls. He said, ‘They are the ones. We need to heal moms so that our children can live the life of the Creator’s design.’ That was the spark that ignited my life’s work.”

Cherie’s personal transformation led her to study a variety of subjects with renowned teachers, including meditation and mind science with Dr. Deepak Chopra and Dr. David Simon (among others), Matrix energetics with Richard Bartlet and Mellisa Joy, medical intuition and emotional intuition with Mona Lisa Schultz and at Carolyn Myss’ Holos University. She was an entrepreneur and business owner for 20 years before transitioning into her current work. She has a degree in metaphysical psychology from the University of Sedona and is an ordained minister through Sedona University, as well.

Who am i?

Cherie’s own life is a testimony to her motivation, determination and healing power. I knew her when she still carried her childhood sorrows and began to seek healing through meditation and other spiritual practices. Her transformation was profound. I could feel the light and joy around her as she grew so beautifully into her sacred purpose, which she now shares with many others.– Lisa

Cherie Doyen is a relentlessly passionate advocate for children (small and grown) who have been subjected to physical, sexual and emotional abuse. The focus of her work is to help victims who have struggled through trauma move out of the reactionary mode of PTSD into the action of life. As a gifted intuitive and Teacher and Guide as grown her Signature Program “Quantum Therapeutics”, workshops and retreats have and are growing. Cherie’s approach is tangible Wholistic approach… Physical pain and dysfunction, Emotional triggers, Mental thought structures and patterns, Spiritual tangles and fears, and the Quantum… the Science and mechanics behind Dissociation and what we are calling PTSD. The culmination of all of that!

Cherie has developed tangible tools and creates personalized strategies to fit you and your circumstances.
She is passionate about her clients being clean and clear of the film of the past so they may begin the process of creating a life thats worth getting up for. Her unique tried and true, practical approach has grown into “Quantum Therapeutics™”.   Soldiers, Mom’s, Human Trafficking women, Men, Childhood or recent trauma have all benefitted. In weeks, NOT YEARS, these people were able to turn lives lived one foot in front of the other to creative active successful people.

Cherie's Work as a Change Agent

Frustrated by the current standards for how our society deals with the struggles that women and children face, and the failure of the reactionary family law system to support and keep them safe, Cherie works directly and on a daily basis with women and children who are victims of domestic violence and have been displaced by the world of foster care, which constantly separates the family unit—specifically, mothers from their children. “Children are systematically placed with their sexual abusers,” she has witnessed. “Who is fighting for our children’s safety? This has to change.” In 2013, she completed CASA training in Columbia, Missouri.

Cherie diligently speaks out across various media platforms to promote awareness and incite positive change. “Animals get fairer treatment and more concern from our society at large than the plight of our children,” Cherie says. “Our children are committing suicide. They are falling into the hands of predators and we are to blame—not the government or laws, but us as parents. We have to choose a different world, and that begins at home with the healing of ourselves and the nurturance of our children.”

Cherie's Published Works

Cherie is the author of Junebug, a quasi-autobiographical childhood tale of surviving sexual abuse and emotional trauma by imaging an other-worldly animal guide who kept her safe from harm.

Her beautifully illustrated children’s book, Spirit Animals: A Field Guide From A to Z takes children on a journey into the world of animal spirits and the deep wisdom they can unlock in order to give us guidance and teach us about ourselves.

Learn more about her writings here.

Her work has been featured in numerous media outlets, including the Columbia Tribune and Vox Magazine.

Today, Cherie’s life is filled with joy as she embraces her calling to share what she has learned and to guide others through their struggles so they can stand tall in their power and dignity.

My Services

 Cherie’s mission is to support a world free of trauma and PTSD, where people can step out of self-destructive cycles, completely heal their emotional pain and thrive in wholeness. Cherie’s devotion to changing our understanding of our trauma… PTSD and Dissociation take us out of the realm of broken and sick and into the magic of who we are has lead to the development of taking Quantum Therapeutics™ on the road in the form of retreats and workshops. 


 Through a Quantum Therapeutix Retreat or Workshop, Cherie offers you the opportunity to awaken your own magic, learn the power of her life-changing Timeline Integration Technique and heal your trauma for good, all within a supportive group setting. Each retreat provides you the opportunity to step away from the distractions of your daily life and step into your wholeness! All retreat locations are handpicked to offer an exclusive, private experience with plenty of options to spend time outdoors, where you’ll find yourself enveloped by the serenity of natural wonder, link arms with others and join a growing community of powerful change-agents. In addition to the life-changing group work, you’ll receive 1×1 coaching support from Cherie before and after each retreat, nourishing healthy meals, therapeutic yoga, and guided meditation.

Individual Programs

Utilizing Cherie’s Unique Approach… Quantum Therapeutix™ your program will be designed specifically to fit your current needs and circumstances. Cherie’s dedication to your Freedom from suffering makes her a partner in your quest for LIFE!


Work on your own time frame piece by piece with these recorded programs that you can download and start today!



Community is key in healing, come together with people around you to join in the universal light; together moving finding joy in confidence today! Check the schedule for upcoming events or reach out to set one up in your area!

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