Cherie Doyen

An advocate for you and your journey through PTSD

Who Am I?

I find that the world’s magic and brilliance are caught in the entanglement of childhood trauma. I believe that mental illness is rare.

Not everyone who experiences trauma ends up in the cycles of CPTSD but those that do are brilliant.

I am passionate about YOU finding rapid relief from the quantum entanglement the world calls CPTSD, PTSD and Dissociation, so that YOU can get on with doing what you came here to do.

The Quantum Therapeutix System is an ACTIVATION.

Relentlessly Passionate

I am a relentlessly passionate advocate for the Children of our planet. We as adults must heal ourSelves so that our children have a chance to turn things around.

PTSD is like a virus of the mind and it spreads though generations until someone decides to stop it.

Children growing up in traumatic homes- be it sexual, physical or mental trauma- live in a systemic viral environment. Nothing is safe. Love hurts. People are not to be trusted. They don’t receive a badge of honor.

This is 1 in 3 humans.

The world is going to be different when we choose to see. At this moment Victim turns to Warrior in the battle for truth.

  • I have worked in the foster care system.
  • I have been trained by CASA.
  • I have helped to free the children trapped in the mass graves with a shaman in Ireland.
  • I have stood by women in court fighting for their children.
  • I have sat on boards advocating for children in their plans with the schools and foster care system.
  • I have worked with the Human trafficking organization in my area offering counseling to the woman trying to get their lives back.
  • I have worked with the women cycling through the domestic violence shelters.

I want to help you plant a new family tree. No more rot. No more decay.

Healthy, Strong and Aware!

CPTSD is not a life sentence anymore!

My Personal Journey

The mother of two daughters, grandmother of three, and former mother of two foster children, my personal healing journey through childhood trauma began in earnest after my daughters were grown. Flashbacks caused me tremendous internal torment and continuous overwhelm. I began a spiritual quest that led to unraveling the “old familiar voices” of my childhood. Reconnecting with nature and its healing wisdom, I grew stronger and gained a higher perspective about my situation. My inner quest led me to experience a variety of synchronistic interactions with shamans from the US and Ireland. They facilitated a journey into my past from the beginning of my timeline when the first act of violence happened, and helped me establish a direct connection to the Divine. Through these interactions, my deep mission began to emerge. The shaman who found me in Ireland spoke of his children and the menial value adults give them. He told me they are the ones to be most valued. We need to heal mothers so that our children can live the life of the Creator’s design. That was the spark that ignited my life’s work.


Degrees and Certifications

My personal thirst for knowledge led me to study meditation and mind science through the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, even having the opportunity to work with Deepak Chopra himself. My studies included energy medicine, Theta Healing, Ayurveda, Astral Travel, The Sylva Method and Akashic Records, all supporting my innate intuitive and quantum abilities.

Full Certification List

My work as a Change Agent

Frustrated by the reactionary family law system and how our society deals with the struggles that women and children face, I work with the victims of domestic violence. These people have been displaced by the foster care system, which consistently separates the family unit. I have witnessed children systematically placed with their sexual abusers. In 2013, I completed my training for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) training in Columbia, Missouri.

I speak out across various media platforms to promote awareness and incite positive change. My hope is that working with women to help them get out of these abusive situations, the children will be able to live their lives without fear of a predator.

In working with adults who have lived through childhood sexual and physical abuse, I am able to help prevent the cycle from repeating. 


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