What are the distinctions between PTSD and C-PTSD

C-PTSD and PTSD both are caused by someone encountering something so traumatic that they struggle to process it. Our attempts often result in a split or fragmentation, leaving us years later experiencing flashbacks and nightmares. We can’t sleep. Life is lived with a hypervigilant awareness focused on the safety of our surroundings. Even while the rest of the world is sleeping.

The Difference?

The main difference between the two is that PTSD is caused by single event trauma while Complex PTSD is caused by frequent repeated trauma. An unstable environment is often a way of life for this individual versus an event. C-PTSD is most widely used in relation to childhood trauma such as abuse and incest. The compoundedness of living in an abusive home affects every aspect of a child’s development.

Ayurveda claims that our default programing is in place by the age of seven… that is how we view ourSelves, our worth, relationships all of the way down to what words mean and how to use them. These early years lay the foundation for the adult to grow and build their lives. Modern science says 5.

It is fairly new

C-PTSD is a fairly new diagnosis and first described by Judith Herman an American psychologist in 1992. Mind blowing that we just in the last 30 years started connecting dots

1992? It’s pretty mind blowing that weas a species just started connecting dots between beating and having sex with a child and who that child may become as adults? Look around.

1 in three children are living in homes that resemble concentration camps. Parents the guards and wardens. They are unpredictable and just might sneak in while you are asleep.

The difference?

The child in an abusive home gets up every day having to have breakfast with their rapist and… call them daddy? The expectation of love and support is not factored into any sort of natural or societal expectation for a child living and growing up in the camp.

First documented child abuse case

It is interesting to note, the first child abuse case was documented in the United States in 1874… 10-year-old Mary Ellen. With no services or agencies established for the safety and wellbeing of our children at that time the child was protected by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals. Thanks to the ASPCA the case was reported and the first child abuse case was brought to trial. The ASPCA was established in 1866. Our animals carried more weight than our little humans.

Here we are in 2021 and starting to wake up to the consequences of systemic traumatic childhood experiences and yet C-PTSD has yet to reach many of the psychological journals.


On top of the array of PTSD symptoms of flashbacks, nightmares and hypervigilance the childhood trauma victims have:
· trouble controlling their emotions
· negative view of themSelves
· Struggle with relationships
· They may disconnect from the world around them or dissociate
· They form a jaded view of the world and people

Changing the trajectory of their entire life.

Modern treatments

Today the treatments are limited and centered around coping and managing. A childhood trauma victim’s life from the beginning has been about survival and managing their worlds.

Could it be possible that it’s time to start living instead?

  • The traditional treatment plan for adult trauma PTSD is clear and defined while often ineffective and takes years.
  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
    – Focuses on changing the relationship between thoughts feelings and behaviors
  • Cognitive processing therapy
    – Focuses on challenge and change harmful beliefs related to the trauma
  • Cognitive therapy
    – Focuses on modifying the memory to purposefully disrupt the behaviors that are interfering with life
  • Prolonged exposure
    – Facing your avoided memories… In the words of one of my veteran clients… I was taken into my worst nightmare and left there to wallow for hours with no resolution and sent out into the world raw, armed and dangerous.
    Secondary recommendations:
  • EMDR for desensitization and reprocessing by focusing on an event and inducing bilateral stimulation through eye movement.
  • Medication


C-PTSD has a much shorter list. There is still to date no prescribed treatment protocols outlined in the DSM-5 the diagnostic manual for mental disorders.

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy: as above
  • EMDR: Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy is an interactive psychotherapy technique used to relieve psychological stress. It is an effective treatment for trauma and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD
  • Exposure therapy/ virtual exposure: we spoke about earlier with a possible added twist virtual reality exposure

Firstly, most of the literature is leaning towards working with children versus adults who have tried to build a life on the back of childhood trauma. Many of these adults are dealing with family members that are perpetuating the struggle today with their avoidance of the truth of their circumstance. Secondly can you actually see a child being exposed to virtual exposure… or inserted into their horrific circumstance in such a way?

I think that you deserve to live! And Thrive!

Here enters Quantum Therapeutix an evolutionary new system for eliminating cycles and restructuring behaviors established through cyclical childhood trauma at lightning speed.

We are talking months not years!

By utilizing your innate abilities to dissociate… Leave your body… and our gift of travel… we do it often with our flashbacks… we can work through the quantum entanglement. Not only are we releasing the tangles that keep you circling back, we liberate the fragmented molecules of your astral body and unify them back into the whole of who you are.

Now the beautiful thing is you do it. You and your magic created it in the first place only you can undo it.

Not everyone who experiences trauma ends up tangled in what is labeled as C-PTSD, PTSD, and DID but those that do are extraordinarily gifted.

Through the process of restructuring we are not only re-establishing you… Who you are and what you want? You get connected back to your magic.

Your innate abilities saved you then and they will save you now if taken out of the unconscious reaction space and brought into the conscious choice space

As a side note for those of you that are currently feeling skeptical… the CIA released documents within the last year citing a study they held on the utilization uf astral travel and time travel to heal trauma. At the time the project was called the Gateway Experience, which is a pretty apt name.

They kept quiet about the action-based results of this process.

There is a lot of money tangled up in your being ill. I mean just think how much time and money you have wrapped up in your “ILLNESS” to date.

The only piece missing piece from Gateway is the process by which Quantum Therapeutix unites the astral bodies fragmented molecules.

The studies were done in the 80’s. The results hidden until now.

The process has evolved into a clean, gentle, and extremely effective system in creating true resolution.

Empowerment comes in knowing what you are capable of and standing solidly in the responsibility of the high level being that you are.

Living is different than functioning. Living is life free of the need to fix yourSelf or heal yourSelf it is getting on with why you chose to come here in the first place.

You are not ill. You are fragmented. Ill implies a lifetime of coping and managing.

Fragmentation means everything can be put back together and aligned in the way that was intended!

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Turn Illness into Brilliance cover

Would you expect that this child would have the same reactions to their environment as an average or “NORMAL” child? OR would their reaction be somewhat more elaborate and creative?

Could it be that we discovered a way to escape right in front of their eyes? An energetic savant?

Dissociation, CPTSD and PTSD? Out of body experiences, Astral travel, Quantum jumping, Vortexes, Time loops Karma.

This level of Quantum Entanglement happens only to those brilliant enough and evolved enough to create it. We just forgot WHO we are and WHAT we came here to do. Instead, we became victims of the chaos of our environment.

Breaking down the barriers of traditional entrapments opens the door to tangible, actionable steps and strategies for ending the endless cycles of torment on all levels of being. Physical, Mental, Energetic, Behavioral, and Spiritual.

Coping in not living. Managing is merely existing.