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You are not alone anymore. The Quantum Therapeutix Collective is a private community where we can learn together and share with others just like you would on other social media platforms, except it’s private. Those that are enrolled in the C-PTSD program or the training program will have access to each other and their respective course materials. This community is focused on unity and wholeness within oneSelf. Healing from C-PTSD is a climb and you don’t have to do it alone. Here you will be safe, heard, and understood. Come learn and explore. Sign up today.

About CPTSD & Its Effects

me and nina
nina and me
CPTSD & Childhood Sexual Abuse
Complex PTSD is the result of frequent violations over an extended period of time. 1 in 3 little girls and 1 in 5 boys experience sexual trauma before their 18 birthday. 30% before they turn 8. Sexual abuse of our children is the deepest violation with the reverberating consequences that I see. When a grown woman or man is raped, we understand their bodies were broken into and we grieve with them for what they lost. The loss of innocence in the child is lost forever. They get no medals. Instead, we hush them or diminish their experience. Nature’s intelligence crosses us into the complexity of intimacy and sexuality at puberty. These memories are often buried so deep that they show up as flashbacks or nightmares in our later years and knock our world sideways. An adult of childhood sexual trauma lives within a multitude of symptoms. Fear and distrust of adults… Adults that maybe she thought she loved and trusted… and now she feels alone and isolated. She feels she is on the run and can’t get far enough away. Her sexual habits may ride and fluctuate on a spectrum from don’t touch me to addiction. In my practice I see sexual trauma to be the backdrop.


Of girls are sexually violated before their 18th birthday


Of boys are sexually violated before their 18th birthday


Of child sexual victims know their predator in some way

Registered sex offenders in the United States

Quantum Therapeutix

Your Journey is Paved with QT

The Quantum Therapeutix™ System is designed to restore and unify the loops of C-PTSD and PTSD and create integrity and harmony throughout all of your5 primary operating systems. Behaviorally, Physically, Energetically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Those traumatic frozen moments in time cause entanglements on your timeline. QT connects you back to the amazingness that is you, independent of where you have been or what happened to you. QT is an Activation on all levels of being. Not only will you be liberated from the backward pull, but you will also discover your abilities. Your natural innate abilities got you here and in rediscovering what you are capable of you can move out of reaction into action with determination and purpose. You created the quantum actions and only you can uncreate them.

What is PTSD And Can We Untangle Ourselves?

C-PTSD – PTSD and DID are born from a person’s brilliance and innate abilities to dissociate and astral travel. We can’t astral travel unless we separate our astral body from our physical body, otherwise, we are tied into this physical form and this 3d reality. The QT process utilizes what you are already doing! By turning your ‘disabilities’ into your superpowers we take back our lives!

You are not ill! You are a superhero!

The final touch? The Unity Vortex integrates the trapped and severed parts of you… bringing the trapped molecules of you back into the whole of your astral body of today. In this process we are ultimately choosing one timeline, one reality…coming into integrity and Wholeness! The QT System will be the backdrop for your journey through this Activation. Freeing time of the tangles and loops, frees you to learn how to live differently.

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What Clients Are Saying About Cherie

Cherie is so amazing. I was losing hope that my life could ever feel free and enjoyable again because I was scared all of the time and dealing with PTSD as well as dissociations for so long. I struggled with memory issues, bipolar, and addiction; it seemed to rule my life for so long but Cherie showed me how to heal myself and what the world has to offer me today. I was scared of integration, hypnosis or some version of EMDR but Cherie with her constant support, intelligent perspective, and amazing patience assisted in bring me to a place of peace and joy for my life again without those methods. I’m no longer scared. I no longer have nightmares, dominating flashbacks, or major debilitating struggles with my mental health. I have my life back and I’m so grateful for everything Cherie has shown me.
Brooke Dickerson

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