halloween event

Women Rising Full Moon Halloween Celebration

October 26 – 29

Right on the heels of our amazing Mexico Experience we invite you to Join us in Missouri to celebrate what it means to be Woman under the October full moon in Branson Missouri.

Return to the Wonderment of Childhood

July 19 -25

I am soo excited to be able to offer this unique opportunity! This privately owned Hacienda has been in the same family since the 1600’s, including one of the most pristine and secret pyramids in Mexico!


Turn Illness into Brilliance


What if you were a highly sensitive, highly intelligent, super magical kid plunked down in a world of violence, sex, and danger? In this world of upside down, nothing feels real. Everything hurts and no one is to be trusted.

Would you expect that this child would have the same reactions to their environment as an average or “NORMAL” child? OR would their reaction be somewhat more elaborate and creative?

Could it be that we discovered a way to escape right in front of their eyes? An energetic savant?

Dissociation, CPTSD and PTSD? Out of body experiences, Astral travel, Quantum jumping, Vortexes, Time loops Karma.

This level of Quantum Entanglement happens only to those brilliant enough and evolved enough to create it. We just forgot WHO we are and WHAT we came here to do. Instead, we became victims of the chaos of our environment.

Breaking down the barriers of traditional entrapments opens the door to tangible, actionable steps and strategies for ending the endless cycles of torment on all levels of being. Physical, Mental, Energetic, Behavioral, and Spiritual.

Quantum Therapeutix is the result of years of research and development and is a rivaling new system for creating a complete, measurable resolution to those who can’t seem to “JUST GET OVER IT”.

Coping is not living. Managing is merely existing.

This groundbreaking piece of work offers those recovering from CPTSD / PTSD / Dissociation a process for rapid relief and momentum for creating a new future. Quantum Therapeutix offers hope where there has been none. CPTSD is not a life sentence, but instead a sign of the savant level of Brilliance.

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