I Can’t Meditate

What if meditation were less of something to do or learn, but more of an unlearning and an undoing? The most common sentence I hear, right up front, when meditation enters the conversation is… “Oh, I Can’t Meditate. I’ve tried that before. It doesn’t work for me.”

Not true.

Meditation is our most natural state. In the state accessed within a state of meditation, we are liberated from the constraints of our stories and the collective stories that create our world. In this place, we know or have the ability to know truth outside of the limits of what we think can or is a possibility.

So let’s let the air out of some of the old myths we carry around about what meditation is and how we get there.

Firstly, there are many types of meditations and there are many ways to get there. There is no right and wrong way. What feels right for you today or at this moment is what you need… Today! Turn your phone and TV off and be present.

Approaching our activities mindfully with undivided attention… Same thing.

Musicians get there easily. The music flows through them. Now let’s be clear, not every person that picks up a guitar is meditating. What I am saying is that it is an opportunity.

From the outside, we all know the difference. The musician whose music flows through them… they get lost in it. Time disappears. They wake up in the middle of the night with words… Lyrics that want to be heard.

And then we know people who play music… it’s different.

There are the artists who claim that the painting falls out of their hand. The painting that they created may be completely different from what their conscious self-went into the paint.

Indigenous peoples dance…

Athletes that push themselves to that place where every ounce of focus is watching their breath. Like runners… or gymnasts. Ultimate focus.

We have Yoga, Tai-Chi, Qigong, any of the martial arts… it all boils down to intention. You can do yoga for exercise or you can do it for healing and inner balance. The martial arts… we can study so we have the ability to hurt others or…

It’s all your choice.

As Jesus was the master of manifestation… action. Buddha was the master of contemplation. His style of meditation was to come to that place with a question or a state of being. He spent his existence studying and meditating on suffering and compassion. Contemplation is about discovery.

Contemplation… coming into that sacred space with a question. We formulate the question, and we drop it into the Universal Internet and we go on about our practice. Be that a run, or time with our guitar, or we choose to sit in meditation and allow the answers to come. They might not come at that very moment. It may be hours later that you get that ah-ha or someone walks up and says the exact thing that you need to hear.

This is the Sacred place for healing. In this space, you find the truth. In this space, old emotion can be diffused.

Meet your observer.

The observer is that part of you that is always watching… free from emotional attachment. Just observing. Through the eyes of the observer, you have given the opportunity to not only see with clarity how you are showing up but also a glimpse at the motives and perspective of those that you are in opposition.

The observer feels like three or four steps back.

Watching your circumstance through the eyes of the observer… Recapitulation… feels like watching a movie. Your circumstance is observed as if it were outside of you. You don’t have a particular bias going in, you just follow along. You see the picture as a whole… and like a movie you see the characters involved in your circumstance. Like permeable gas, you can roam around the situation in search for that choice that will shift the outcome in a more favorable direction for everyone. Right?

Here is how we tweak ourselves. We observe how we show up and we adjust for a different outcome.

Changing you changes everything. Everything in our lives comes to this end. Each tool… and meditation is a tool… is there to aid and guide you into wholeness.

I can’t meditate.

The state we move into when meditating, every child comes into the world knowing how to do. We come to the planet knowing how to pull ourselves into balance. Some kids rock… some stare. Some hop up and down.

Sound familiar?

I love the staring. Meditation is a tool meant to diffuse our dated stuff so that we can break free of the lenses that color our experiences. It is a tool to bring us into the present. That means we are meant to move into an action version of this state.

Being in the world and not of it.

So these children acquiring a meditative state with their eyes open just means that they are one step ahead. Maybe instead of zoning out, they are meditating with their eyes open and amazing and wonderful things are happening?

Ask and you shall receive.

We have to start asking the big questions.

Who am I?

What do I want?

Why am I here?

Here is the thing… If you don’t know… How can you expect anyone else to?

Allow the Universe to start playing with you.

So a few tips I picked up along the way:

I always begin each meditation be casting a sacred circle. I learned it years ago and have adapted it through the years. We cast the sacred circle with your highest and best held high at its center. We ask all energies entities spirits or people whose purpose is to distract to be escorted outside of your circle at this time. Now, this can be an overbearing mother or a controlling husband. Carrying the energies of others with us colors the lens that we see life. Within this circle you are you. You can meet yourself… get to know what you feel like independent of the energies of others.

Now we invite in your guides… the Masters… the Angels… any and all energies that are here to help guide and elevate you in your journey towards your highest and best.

Here you are safe. The stage is set for you to explore, knowing that whatever shows up is present with the intent of elevating you.

Our word is our wand. Right?

Mantra… a phrase or word that is repeated over and over. The intent here is to lull your conscious brain into a comatose state in an attempt to bypass the rampage of thoughts. So I like to think about this as if you are hearing the words being said versus you saying them. One is passive while the other an action. An action is going to keep your brain awake. It is doing something versus observing.

I like to back out of thought and move to a place of observing it as if it were being handwritten out in front of me. It is a feeling of detachment. It can be happening but with a feeling that… I am not my thought.

If sitting, I think it’s helpful to tilt your eyes slightly upward to avoid examining the backsides of your eyelids. Ha Ha. Placing your tongue on that ridge on the roof of your mouth right behind your two front teeth connects the master meridians that start at the base of the spine. One ends at the tip of the tongue while one ends at the roof of the mouth.

Changing You Changes Everything!

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