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If you feel like you have tried everything you are in the right place. I was you. You are not alone anymore. I am dedicated to being your observant companion every step of the way. My struggle with CPTSD and Dissociation is what led to what is today Quantum Therapeutix. I am a highly developed medical and emotional intuitive. My approach is very compassionate, rapid and direct. I call all of the amazing folks out there that know that they are here on pupose. I am calling all that know that if they could just get untangled you would be doing something amazing. I believe in you.

Student Practitioners

Vanessa Larochelle

Student Practitioner

I understand the unique challenges of dissociation, ADHD, CPTSD and PTSD because I have lived it. As a former member of the Royal Canadian Airforce I am called into service with veterans and those who are serving. I have a background in Restorative Justice and in Youth Development in First Nations communities. All my experience combined is now under the teachings & guidance of Cherie Doyen and the methodology of Quantum Therapeutix. I am excited to help you travel where you need to be.

Syd Hemwall

Student Practitioner

Sydney is QT’s own sound therapist. Having lived with C-PTSD and been a client of  Quantum Therapeutix, I understand exactly where you are and am prepared to guide you into a whole new level of being. I provide a unique approach to Quantum Therapeutix as a sound therapist. Together these powerful tools will be used to guide you to your next destination: Freedom.

Full  Practitioner - Aldona Vainius

Aldona Vainius

Student Practitioner

I have been a psychiatric nurse practitioner for 2 years and have worked as a psychiatric nurse for over 6 years. Quantum Therapeutix has been a game changer in my life and I am excited to help you discover Freedom from the past so that you can live tomorrow your way!

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