Practitioners Training lvl 1

We are creating an army of healers armed with the tools to bring integrity to the Brilliance trapped in CPTSD, PTSD and Dissociation.

I have to tell you I just finished a session with one of my clients who has been really giving me a hard time.  It’s been about four months now that I am working with her on the trauma aka sexual abuse from her step father and mother blaming her.  I have only been able to bring the SUDS down to a 2/3 with EMDR. She didn’t like brainspotting and she was feeling frustrated.  She has been the only one that I was really having a hard time with.  Today I did Quantum on the fear she reported she had when having to go in the area of her childhood home this past week.  After I brought her back she reported she didn’t feel the fear anymore.  She reported feeling different.  I am so excited!  This is a person who doesn’t know what feeling happy looks like.  She actually had a smile today after we were done, this was definitely a breakthrough.
Elizabeth Rivera


What will these two days do for me?

Are a therapist, coach, or counselor who has been searching for that thing that will will flip the switch for those folks stuck in the looping of C-PTSD?

You are in the right place.

This 2 day training will be taught live. No stagnant videos. Cherie wants to see your face and know who you are. Cherie wants to give you what you need to know and loves responding to your questions. This is an intimate, interactive training.

We will equip you with the tools and excercises to get started.  You will have a foundational knowledge of the quantum entanglement causing the chaos for your clients with CPTSD.

You will be a lifelong member of a growing community of healers, continually connected and learning, and exploring.

Cherie will share valuable insight inside the CPTSD mind.

You will get a sneak peak inside Cherie’s new manuscript… Turn your Illness Into your Brilliance.

You will get to witness the process in action with video captured live session casestudies.

You will leave deeply understanding the brilliance behind the quantum entanglement of CPTSD.

Upon completion you will be invited to a monthly practitioners webinar where Cherie will teach elevated thoughts and topics on life after the trauma stops… The Baby Buddah stage.

Cherie holds office hours on Friday afternoons from 3:00 pm central time taking questions.

These 2 days | Certified Lvl 1
  • We will dive into the basic understandings of how trauma affects affect all 5 levels of  being human
  • We will explore how to easily and swiftly support a persons physical and energy systems as they go through the huge molecular shifts
  • You will learn to track the words, movement and cycles
  • You will learn learn to guide people to jump quickly and easily at will
  • You will learn to detect fragmentation and cycles swiftly following the most direct route to emotional relief
  • We will explore the similarities between dissociation, astral projection and quantum jumping
  • We will look at a comparison between mental illness and the shamans and intuitives of the world
  • You will understand how to create balance and rewrite the programing crafting resolution between the adult and early programing.
  • We will explore the why, when and how to create the Fuzion Vortex™
  • You will learn how to hold balance energetically and how to stay unaffected by the suffering of others through the development of your mirroring skills.
  • You will have a manuel and all of the materials necessarry for you to be successful.


Level 1 will be offered on the 3 weekend of the month

There will be 20 slots available per training session. At the end of these two days you will not only earn your lvl 1 certification but you will belong to a community of healers dedicated to doing our part in guiding people into a sustainable right minded life. 

Certification level 2 puts you into action. The requirement is taking 6 clients through the first 90 days with the final submission of first and final videos of each client along with a case study a paper summing up your observations of you clients progress followed by a genuine assessment of how you responded to the experience. Here you will be highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, coupled with how you see yourSelf changing your approach.

The details of how the process works will be revealed at your level 1 graduation.

Quantum Therapeutix

Your Journey is Paved with QT

The Quantum Therapeutix™ System is designed to restore and unify the loops of C-PTSD and PTSD and create integrity and harmony throughout all of your 5 primary operating systems. Behaviorally, Physically, Energetically, Mentally, and Spiritually.

Those traumatic frozen moments in time cause entanglements on your timeline. QT connects you back to the amazingness that is you, independent of where you have been or what happened to you. QT is an Activation on all levels of being. Not only will you be liberated from the backward pull, but you will also discover your abilities. Your natural innate abilities got you here and in rediscovering what you are capable of you can move out of reaction into action with determination and purpose. You created the quantum actions and only you can uncreate them.

What is PTSD And Can We Untangle Ourselves?

C-PTSD – PTSD and DID are born from a person’s brilliance and innate abilities to dissociate and astral travel. We can’t astral travel unless we separate our astral body from our physical body, otherwise, we have tied into this physical form and this 3d reality. The QT process utilizes what you are already doing! By turning your ‘disabilities’ into your superpowers we take back our lives!

You are not ill! You are a superhero!

The final touch? The Unity Vortex integrates the trapped and severed parts of you… bringing the trapped molecules of you back into the whole of your astral body of today. In this process we are ultimately choosing one timeline, one reality…coming into integrity and Wholeness! The QT System will be the backdrop for your journey through this Activation. Freeing time of the tangles and loops frees you to learn how to live differently.

Lvl 1 Training taught live monthly

No stagnant videos. We want to know you!

20 seats available per training session

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