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Cherie Doyen is an impassioned advocate for domestic and sexual trauma survivors. She delivers a powerful and change-provoking message aimed at activating action towards personal growth and conscious choice making. Cherie has presented keynotes, workshops, webinars and group sessions on topics that most others are afraid to face head-on. Cherie’s compassionate heart combines with her deep experience with healing through trauma to help audience members and listeners gain the courage to change their lives.



Spiritual Gifts or Mental Illness?

So often, the world places labels of dysfunction around our brilliance. As a collective society, our tendency is to deny spiritual brilliance and rank that which we can only understand as “normal”, “average” or “below average.” In this presentation, you will learn how and why mental illness and spiritual brilliance can stand side by side in our human experience. It’s common for victims of trauma to experience a heightening of their senses, often calling in extrasensory skills like clairvoyance, telepathy and astral travel (disassociation) to manage having to live in a hyper-vigilant state. In this talk, you will learn how to untangle the label of mental illness “disorders” and see these skills for what they are: gifts that can move us out of unhealthy reaction to healthy action.

Changing the Face of PTSD

Trauma and its effects are not limited to adults. Children who experience trauma often utilize their gifts to maneuver life within a continual compounded timeline of trauma after trauma into adulthood. In this presentation, you will discover how quantum physics and theories on alternate realities will help us gain understanding into how to put the fragmented pieces of our soul back together again. This talk is geared towards adults of childhood trauma or the parent or guardian of a child who has experienced trauma.

Mother Earth, Momma Bear, Maternal Force

We are living in a world where many of our children are being used and exploited as a commodity. This situation will only change when we step up as mothers, fully honoring this role and right to give life as the highest calling. As creators of life, owning the power and deep privilege that motherhood affords us can change the world. In this talk, we will discuss topics such as standing up and fighting for what is right or our children, not looking to the system and laws to fix problems that are created in our homes, and how the maternal force can move mountains.


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