Stop Watching and Start Living

Life is viewed from above. Your body is completely visible to you. Life is observed not felt. We feel lonely and isolated. Separate. Can’t focus, my mind goes from one thing to the next. What I call Reality Hopping. These are often the words I hear when a person is describing how they feel when they are not in their body.

What the world labels as Dissociation.

In my research, I realized how little is known really. The description lies in the linear plane of solidity while we are hopping all over the place. It is hard to even know when it happens. It seems our bodies are just a mere suggestion. We flew in and out and in some extreme cases severe into pieces.

I can see your not in there but I don’t know how to help you… Final Doctor… Final Visit!

If you don’t know then who does? I became intrigued. In my studies with Deepak Chopra and meditation a  the world of quantum and metaphysics caught my interest. Quantum physics says every possibility happening at the same time, alternate realities, time loops, time travel, alternate realities.

So I began to wonder how or if dissociation is any different than a near-death experience, or adult who experiences trauma say a car accident and they can describe the whole thing from above… we call it an out of body experience. Or a person who is in a coma and can remember seeing themselves and the room, visitors, and conversation, from above. Sounds pretty similar to how I viewed myself and my experiences most of my life. I don’t think I’m alone.

I read that the separation could be caused by, say, a good thought about ourselves or a person resides in one side of our brain while a bad thought about the same gets stuck in the other, causing a narrowing of the corpus callosum the bridge from left to right brain. So it displays like two different people entirely.

And I do find this to be true. But it really doesn’t account for the view. Or the gaps in time. Or the catapulting from here to there.

Has anyone thought about what happens when we have dissociated? Where do we go?

So what if in addition to their ideas we add in our abilities to easily touch different realities.

The ability to leave our bodies and travel through time and space that sounds more like a superpower.

Time is nothing more than a mere suggestion. It is only linear down here.

There is an eerie resemblance between the Spiritual gifts and mental diagnosis. Visual hallucinations ~ Clairvoyance; Auditory Hallucinations (hearing voices) ~ Channeling or Telepathy; Hypochondria ~ Empathy; And for our purposes here… Dissociation ~ Astro Travel or “the out of body experiences that we strive to achieve in meditation.”

Astral projection (or astral travel) is an out-of-body experience achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming or deep meditation”. People who say they experience astral projection often say that their spirit or astral body has left their physical body and moves in another dimension known as the spirit world or astral plane. The concept of astral projection has been around and practiced for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China.”

Is it that one is a choice and the other a reaction? Now?

Well, what if we gained access to our Spiritual gifts to survive. And in our push to be normal we forgot. We have been running on autopilot. We have been operating like this for so long that we forgot how to get back home. For most of us, the thought hasn’t even occurred to us that it could be different.

We chose to leave our bodies. The first time… and then it became a habit. Many describe being able to see ourselves or the situation from above. Many experience the feeling of flying… the earth below whizzes by. Some describe a whole new world. Others describe a mixture. Say characters appear here that belong there. Such as seeing spirits or guides?

What if your process is in warp speed. We don’t even have a cognitive thought and boom we are out.

So while others are trying to speed up, our journey is to s-l-o-w the process down so that we can take back the controls and regain the ability to make the choice.

I know… I know. But isn’t it a cooler thought than caving to the illness label?

So here is what I have discovered. First things first, we have to get to know this body. We have to get used being in it. What it feels like? What is your normal.?

Grounding is a term that gets thrown around but super important when we have a tendency to be out flying around. It’s kind of like flying a plane without knowing how to land.

Through bits and pieces of things that I learned I developed this exercise for coming Home and anchoring in our bodies. Seeing out of our eyes.

Close your eyes. If you can see the top of your head try this:

  • Drop down into your corpus callosum. This is the passageway from left to right brain. Envision twom mushrooms connected by the stems. 🙂
  • take note of the instance balance.
  • now draw the energy that rides behind your eyes back into this same space.
  • now not with a doing but an undoing, I want you to allow this energy to drop down into your chest, your abdomen. Allow it to fill our legs. Your feet.
  • You can easily find the pulse in the big toe on each foot.
  • Your feet and hands feel warm.

Welcome Home! 

Maybe up to now, it hasn’t felt like a safe option to be inside your body. It hasn’t been safe to sit with your eyes closed… So now we have to create a safe space and explore.

Eyes still closed, I want to show you how to create a clean clear space. Space where you can explore you and what you feel like independent of the energies of another. You are here. You are present. All energies are supporting your highest and best.

Casting a Sacred Circle

I want to cast a Sacred Circle here and now… Envision the Sacred Circle as a white flamed fire erupting from one point. It moves quickly in a clockwise motion to form a circle around the perimeter of your personal field. With my highest and best held high at its center.  We declare that any energies, entities, spirits or people who are here working for my highest and best be cast from your circle at this time. We call in Masters, The Angels, Jesus, Any energies that would be here to support, uplift, guide and protect you, we welcome you as invite you to take your places inside your circle.

Once inside your Sacred Circle pull up a cord from the center of the earth and attach it to your root chakra which resides at the base of your spine. Be still and feel it attach. Feel what the earth’s energy feels like as it pours into your system.  Now reach up into the ethers and pull down a cord and attach it to the crown of your head. Now here you are tethered securely between heaven and earth. Tucked safe inside of your sacred circle.

This is you. Scan your body. This is how you feel. This is where we can begin to start the process of Untangling ourselves from the illusion of emotion and start observing when we are in autopilot. Here we know exactly how we feel. We know how our body is feeling.

Meditation and Recapitulation teach access to the Observer. This observer is referred to as the witnessing awareness. Recapitulation is the act of watching your circumstances play out from an observer’s objective point of view. I compare it to watching a movie. You aren’t personally vested in any one character in a movie. You as the “Observer” of the movie form opinions based on the information of the whole verses forming your opinion based on the information known by only one individual character. Recapitulation allows you to see when we are operating from a reaction and when we are making choices.

We are just slowing down our magic!

You will begin to see as things slow down space where you are actually making these choices. Now this doesn’t happen in an instant and it takes consistency and practice but your already doing it. So the point is to slow down and begin to observe so that you can know where and when to jump back in!

We drop in cast our circle and scan our bodies.

And rinse and repeat. We keep checking in. If you are feeling empty, lonely, listless. Emotional. Check-in.

Are you looking out of your eyeballs or are you looking at yourself?

If so sneak off for a second and drop in… It’s nice and cozy in here!

We see the world through our eyes. We experience through our bodies.

Welcome, Home!!!

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