Quantum Therapeutix™ Presents:


Turn Illness into Brilliance

An All Inclusive Retreat

Designed to accelerate relief from symptoms from C-PTSD, PTSD and Dissociation

I am so excited to be back and able to share in a bigger way!


Hear from the mouths of others that have been here with me. COVID having sent the world into remote work gave me permission to get on the road. Something I had dreamed about for years. I packed up my car, my two dogs, my cat and me, and we headed west. I spent 5 months on top of a mesa in Jemez Springs, New Mexico and from there we crossed the border into Mexico. I was in love. With everything. The Culture, the Food and the People.

My door was open to clients throughout my travels from the jungles to the sea. People would join me where ever I was and we would use nature and the elements around us and we created massive change.

My final stop was the Yucatan. I spent 4 months in a fishing village with the Emerald Sea a few steps from my door. From these travels came this more Luxurious and more Intentional Group Experience Retreat. 

This experience has it all. Everything I fell in love with. The history. The Mystery… And the Magic. 

All of the elements are present.

From the grace and majesty of the Mayans, the Jaguars and the land we welcome you to discover who you are beyond the ILLNESS.


4 Days 5 Nights All Inclusive

This amazing experience gives us 4 days and 5 nights tucked away in the jungle in Yucatán Mexico. Just us. We will have the whole place to ourSelves.

This part of the Yucatan boasts being the area where the meteor hit the earth that changed the landscape of the world for ever. The energies with the fire, water, jungles and the winds of the sea… the energies in and of themselves are life altering. I lived in a fishing village not far from this site and held personal intensive retreats there. I had to come back.

This part of Mexico has a very distinctive Spanish flavor.  This property is steeped in history. From the sacred Mayan pyramid to to the bull fighting ring of the Spaniards.

This will be a week of transformation. Activate and Accelerate your journey into into Brilliance eliminating symptoms of CPTSD, PTSD and Dissociation.

Leave your suffering behind and Accelerate Life!

From the moment you land you will be taken care of. We will gather you at the airport, feed and pamper you. This will be a luxurious, forever life changing event.

With the amazing energy of this place this unique journey is filled with possibility.

What's included?

You get 4 days and 5 nights in the jungles of the Yucatan. All food and drink are included. Alcohol is available and your responsibility. You will be picked up at the airport and transported to the historic Hacienda Polaxi’ where your experience will begin. From the first foot step on the property you will be in the energy of transformation. Cherie and the QT team will be orchestrating each moment for peaceful, accelerated transformation.

Sample Daily Itinerary

Day 1

  • 9:00 am breakfast
  • 10:00 am we gather at the pyramid for “Today I Choose”
    • Today I Choose is an active meditation. Sydney and Jessica will enrich us with the soundwaves and their gift of music from atop the pyramid while Cherie guides you into emboding choice. EXAMPLE: “Today I Choose to be Curious”
  • Cherie will guide us through energetic exercises to teach you to take charge of your energies… You are a Highly Sensitive Being.
  • 12:00 pm: Break for lunch and free time
  • 1:30 pm Activity EXAMPLE: Trail ride/ immersion with the horses
  • 4:00 pm break
  • 4:45 pm we resume for for group Quantum Jump Session followed by a talk circle
  • 6:30 break for dinner
  • 7:00pm dinner

Day 2

  • 9:00 am Breakfast
  • 10:00 am Today I Choose
  • 12:00 pm break for lunch
  • 1:30 pm to 4:00 scheduled individual time with Practitioners of choice
  • 4:45 pm Focused time on mastery of quantum jumping/astral travel followed by talk circle/ Accompanied by the music of Jessica and Sydney. These ladies will be using the frequency of voice and the singing bowls to be raising your frequency as we explore.
  • 6:30 pm break for dinner
  • 7:00 pm traveling dinner celebration

Day 3

  • Similar daily agenda

Day 4

  • Similar daily agenda

Among some of the special activities we are blessed to have a Mayan Shaman perform ceremony with us.

The lushness of the jungle meets the spanish influence of this amazing hacienda.

3 gorgeous pools on the property for you to enjoy during our down time.

You will be treated like you were roayalty with the personal care and attention while you are here.

We will begin each day with Today I Choose Soundbath ringing down from the top of this properties own pyramid. 

Cherie Doyen is the mother of two beautiful daughters, Nana to three inspirational grandchildren, author, motivational speaker, and the CEO/developer/and lead researcher of the Quantum Therapeutix™ System for rapid relief from C-PTSD, PTSD and Dissociation.

Cherie grew up in southern Missouri roaming the woods, communing with nature. My giftedness with animals and connection to Spirit became the backdrop for her written word. However, beneath the facade of childhood, laid a deep, dark pond of secrets that were sure to resurface as an adult with full force.

Today, Cherie is a relentlessly passionate advocate for those young or old who have been subjected to physical, sexual, and emotional abuse. The focus of her work is to give trauma victims the tools necessary to move out of the reactionary mode of PTSD and into the action of life. As a gifted medical and spiritual intuitive, teacher, and guide, Cherie has grown her approach to not only include dissolution of the quantum entanglement of PTSD, but to support one’s learning to live in a whole new and different way.

Cherie’s work in the field of trauma is revolutionary.

“I want nothing more than to help release you out of the tangles of time. You are amazing. You are Brilliant magical being.  In your wholeness you find Freedom and in your Freedom you will discover why you are here and what you came here to do!”

Turn Illness into Brilliance breaks down the quantum entanglements  creating C-PTSD, PTSD and Dissociation. This life changing work breaks down the stigma attached to mental illness and establishes a framework for full recovery and enpowerment. Turning YOUR Illness into YOUR Brilliance. 

Horse has carried man into his future throughout time. Horse the spirit of action, courage and freedom. Horse has much to teach us. Horse was a key character in my survival growing up and she delivered me to the otherside. I am excited to be able to offer you the experience of horses energies.

Rest, rejuvinate and Activate amongst the lush grown of the Mayan jungles. Oh and lets not forget this is the land of the Magestic Jaguar.

Cherie’s new release, The Chronicles of Tigua explores the complexities of systemic, compounded traumas through the eyes of a child. With the magic of a little wizard and Tigua at her side June faces unspeacable challenges. Warriors are never Victims.

Beautiful native cuisine presented with style. Each meal is made with care. We are able to acomodate dietary needs upon request.

Each morsel is chosen to support your body, mind and spirit as you go through the amazing quantum changes that are in store for you.

Your meals will be prepared with love and care in the lands traditional cuisine.

Your body will be nourished by the fruit of the land. Mexico is ripe with delectible fruits.

Whether you want the suite all to yourSelf or you want to cuddle up with your favorite person you will have privacy and space. Your private bath and air conditioning. And a pool right out of your door.

These 4 rooms are private and secluded right near the base of the pyramid and come with their own private pool. Each room has its own private bath and air conditioning.

2 of the rooms have 2 kingsized beds. The rooms are big enough to share with a group of friends or your besties.

Breakfast in your room or out on the patio. You get to choose.

These suites are steeped in history and tradition. Newly remodeled, the attention to detail is spectacular.

And we CELEBRATE. And yes this is real. We will be fed and suprised and we are told that some secrets are in store. Meals embedded in magical locations throughout the property.

This property will be free for you to roam, relax and explore.

The magical spaces are around every turn and we will be utilizing them all during your stay.

Today you get to Choose!

Each of these amazing suites comes with its private wash room and air conditioning. How do you want to spend your down time? Cosied up with a partner, some alone time to process or hanging out with close or newly found friends… You get to Choose!

Single Room


1 Kingsize bed. You will have this luxurious suite all to yourSelf.

Shared King Size Bed/Couple $6250

This space is great for couples or great friends. You will have one kingsize bed.

Shared Room

2 King Sized Beds

2 per room $3250 per person

Shared Room

2 King Sized Beds

4 per room $2250 per person

Jessica Horn

Full Practitioner

Vanessa Larochelle

Lvl 2 Practitioner

Syd Hemwall

Lvl 2 Practitioner