What is EMDR and how is Quantum Therapeutix different?

EMDR Eye: Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Therapy is a psychotherapy technique and commonly used to treat PTSD symptoms.

The claim is that over time and repeated use, disturbing or triggering thoughts and memories will eventually have less of an emotional impact in the present day.

This is accomplished by your reliving your triggering experiences in short little doses while you are moving your eyes back and forth bi-laterally.

It has been known to effectively reduce symptoms of

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Panic attacks
  • Eating disorders
  • Addictions

Process of 8 phases:

  • History and treatment planning
  • Preparation: coping techniques for managing emotional and psychological distress
  • Assessment: Your therapist will target specific memories that will be worked with
  • Treatment
    – You are guided to focus on one of the targeted memories
    – You will be asked to do specific eye movements and possibly tapping
    – You will be guided to allow your mind to go blank taking your awareness to what thoughts and feelings you are having.
    – You will be guided back in again refocusing on the traumatic memory or move onto another memory
  • Evaluation: independently you and the therapist will evaluate your progress.

“Getting to the bottom of a traumatic memory and completely rewiring your brain can take anywhere between three to twelve sessions.” According to Healthline

For those of us with complex trauma caused by systemic repeated extreme childhood experiences. We are talking years.

I was in therapy for 30 years, I ingested 11 prescription drugs daily, and I had a panel of doctors that never spoke to one another. All they saw was what they could see through their pinhole.

I wanted and so desperately need someone to see all of me, all at one time.

By that I mean, I knew that all of my systems were in distress and not working together at all. I had a doctor for every organ, my heart, a doctor for my bones, my joints, a neurologist, brain specialist and then I had the doctor who was taking care of my mental head. The doctor who did the talk therapy, the bio feedback, hypnosis and a doctor that did the medication.

None of them were talking.

In fact, their little niche was all that they looked at. This approach is completely disregarding the interrelatedness of every aspect of what makes up you.

All systems have to work in harmony to bring you to the table as a viable human.

We live within 5 main operating systems

  • Energetic
  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral
  • Spiritual

AND each of those main systems are comprised of systems. And for you to work right they all have to be operating and working together… within each system and in turn within the 5 major systems.

For a visual example: If we were to strip away the protective covering of an electrical cord and we see five bundles each in their own color-coded protective coating. When we strip away the outer layer of the red bundle, we find it to contain a multitude of tiny wires.

The cord may operate in this condition sometimes with some fenagling, but we cannot claim its connection to the electricity to be safe or reliable.

The slightest imbalance throws everything off.

A human operating on all cylinders can regain balance often without any outside interference, while a human who has hit after hit after hit has no balance to reclaim.

Much like your computer once your system is breached in one area the rest of the system becomes vulnerable to the viral infiltration. Without the proper firewalls and maintenance all of the operating systems are at risk. It may hold steady for a while. Running slow. You may start noticing glitches here and there as it fights to retain a semblance of balance.

So for us to take our heart being in distress and only focus on the heart muscle with no attention to life’s stressors, our habits, behaviors and the suffering that brought the heart to this point of distress in the first place is only a band aide with little or no lifetime effects.

If nothing else changes…

  • same eating habits
  • same work stressors
  • same home stressors
  • same exercise habits
  • same alcohol consumption
    How long do you think it’s going to take for that rejuvenated heart to move back into a state of distress?

What is the definition of insanity? Expecting a different outcome while taking the same actions… over and over again.

Quantum Therapeutix was born out of the desire to develop a system that has the ability to create changes in all systems simultaneously. We see you as a whole being… that means all systems… and all of the systems within the systems… are observed and considered and affected all at one time.

Bi lateral eye movement naturally occurs during REM sleep and when we are processing in real-time.

What I see with my clients is that in the beginning after a session my clients feel tired almost with the feeling of jetlag. The fix? Go take a nap and allow your brain to process and reboot.

With the reorganization of your brain through your timeline, processing time happens faster and faster. The natural occurrence of the bilateral eye movement begins to occur naturally on the spot.

Months not years to move out of reaction and into action

  • No more flashbacks
  • The nightmares turn into messages
  • The running stops
  • Your mind calms
  • Symptoms of overwhelm, anxiety and depression fall away
  • Passion and energy is restored
  • The physical body finds its way back into harmony
  • Your processing speed is improving greatly
  • An understanding of your energetic systems
  • Learn to have control of when and if you choose to dissociate your astral body from your physical body
  • Lost memories are recovered
  • Fear is replaced by conscious awareness
  • Gain control over your spiritual abilities
  • Shift behaviors to stimulate growth and abundance
  • Retrain our word usage to support where we want to go
  • Empty out the devastation words from our bucket of go to words
  • Learn how to nourish the changes in your body
  • Learn to receive
  • Watch your life’s game board begin to shift out in front of you reflecting the changes that happened within you

It’s eye of the needle time!

Have you ever tried to thread a needle with a frayed and splayed piece of thread? It is impossible.

What’s the fix? Maneuver the frayed fibers back into the integrity of the primary portion of the thread creating a streamlined fiber that easily passes through the eye.

That’s you! Unity is created with all of your frayed, fragmented parts being united and back home with you… In you!

Only then is it possible for you to break out of the bottleneck and live in the world and not of it.

To be in the world and not of it means to be facing each of life’s challenges like you were in a video game. You have decided that you are going to beat the game by not being affected by it.

Nothing is personal.


Quantum Therapeutix is focused on your Activation! Your Freedom.

What if you could really stop thinking about how to heal you all of the time?

For one moment let’s think how much time and energy we have put into ourselves?

Years of doctor’s visits? Years of therapy sessions? Medications? Alternative medical options?

What if you could get on with doing what you came here to do?

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What if you were a highly sensitive, highly intelligent, super magical kid plunked down in a world of violence, sex, and danger? In this world of upside down, nothing feels real. Everything hurts and no one is to be trusted.

Would you expect that this child would have the same reactions to their environment as an average or “NORMAL” child? OR would their reaction be somewhat more elaborate and creative?

Could it be that we discovered a way to escape right in front of their eyes? An energetic savant?

Dissociation, CPTSD and PTSD? Out of body experiences, Astral travel, Quantum jumping, Vortexes, Time loops Karma.

This level of Quantum Entanglement happens only to those brilliant enough and evolved enough to create it. We just forgot WHO we are and WHAT we came here to do. Instead, we became victims of the chaos of our environment.

Breaking down the barriers of traditional entrapments opens the door to tangible, actionable steps and strategies for ending the endless cycles of torment on all levels of being. Physical, Mental, Energetic, Behavioral, and Spiritual.