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You are a super hero

This talk is an experience Cherie flips the conversation around trauma upside down. You will be taken deep inside the quantum actions necessary to create the loops… Those frozen moments in time that we refer to as PTSD in our world today.

  • The Loops
  • The Flashbacks
  • The Night Mares
  • The Living Sideways

And how all of has Time all tangled up
Not everyone that experiences trauma gets PTSD but the ones that do are Extraordinarily Gifted Human Beings.

Ill or spiritually gifted?

In Cherie encounters so many people battling their brilliance in the hopes of being normal. There is no normal in C-PTSD.  Any experience veiwed through a lens of fear changes the story form uplifiting to destruction. In indigionous cultures these are the medicine men… the healers. The ones with wisdom.

The level of power necessary to create the quantum entanglement of C-PTSD of phenominal. Control and consciousness around the action takes us out of the chaos and into creation.

This talk and QA takes us inside real case studies that illustrate the brilliance that once released activates not only their lives but all they touch.

Today I choose
Today I Choose is an Activation for anyone who is ready to take back their lives and get active in getting to know What you want! What is acceptable for you? How you want to show up in the world.

Cherie will give you real actions to begin this shift into leadership. You are here for a reason so learning to play this game with some strategy and finesse comes with you knowing YOU. And Today you get to choose!

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Degrees and Certifications

My personal thirst for knowledge led me to study meditation and mind science through the Chopra Center for Wellbeing, even having the opportunity to work with Deepak Chopra himself. My studies included energy medicine, Theta Healing, Ayurveda, Astral Travel, The Sylva Method, and Akashic Records, all supporting my innate intuitive and quantum abilities.

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My work as a Change Agent

Frustrated by the reactionary family law system and how our society deals with the struggles that women and children face, I work with the victims of domestic violence. These people have been displaced by the foster care system, which consistently separates the family unit. I have witnessed children systematically placed with their sexual abusers. In 2013, I completed my training for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) training in Columbia, Missouri.

I speak out across various media platforms to promote awareness and incite positive change. My hope is that in working with women to help them get out of these abusive situations, their children will be able to live their lives without fear of a predator.

In working with adults who have lived through childhood sexual and physical abuse, I am able to help prevent the cycle from repeating.

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