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Whether going on a personal journey or professional venture with Quantum Therapeutix, here is what clients have to say about their experiences.

Brooke Dickerson – “Cherie is so amazing. I was losing hope that my life could ever feel free and enjoyable again because I was scared all of the time and dealing with PTSD as well as dissociations for so long. I struggled with memory issues, bipolar, and addiction; it seemed to rule my life for so long but Cherie showed me how to heal myself and what the world has to offer me today. I was scared of integration, hypnosis or some version of EMDR but Cherie with her constant support, intelligent perspective, and amazing patience assisted in bring me to a place of peace and joy for my life again without those methods. I’m no longer scared. I no longer have nightmares, dominating flashbacks, or major debilitating struggles with my mental health. I have my life back and I’m so grateful for everything Cherie has shown me.”

Brooke Dickerson follow up message:

My time with Cherie as my doula was eye-opening and calming. I learned things about myself and who I am as a mother in an atmosphere that helped me see that strength and grab ahold of it. I spent different parts of my third pregnancy worried and afraid. Having dealt with extreme postpartum/postpartum psychosis with my first two children, I was fearful that this baby and I would have the same fate. Much of my boys’ early moments are a blur to me in memory and I knew I did not want that with this baby. I wanted to be present and whole for both of us. Having the opportunity to work with Cherie the year prior in her trauma therapy, I was given the opportunity through my pregnancy to see how far I had come. I not only did not have any sign of postpartum depression but I was also able to have the drug free/spiritual birth I wanted. She was the calm voice in the storm at many points, especially in the hospital when they realized my daughter was going to have breathing problems just before she arrived and I began to panic. Cherie was able to get my attention and help me refocus on what was most important and channel that energy and focus… (Read more below)

Birth & Nesting Doula Client

Melanie Camden: childhood sexual abuse survivor: mom of 3


My time with Cherie as my doula was eye-opening and calming. I learned things about myself and who I am as a mother in an atmosphere that helped me see that strength and grab ahold of it. I spent different parts of my third pregnancy worried and afraid. Having dealt with extreme postpartum/postpartum psychosis with my first two children, I was fearful that this baby and I would have the same fate. Much of my boys’ early moments are a blur to me in memory and I knew I did not want that with this baby. I wanted to be present and whole for both of us. Having the opportunity to work with Cherie the year prior in her trauma therapy, I was given the opportunity through my pregnancy to see how far I had come. I not only did not have any sign of postpartum depression but I was also able to have the drug free/spiritual birth I wanted. She was the calm voice in the storm at many points, especially in the hospital when they realized my daughter was going to have breathing problems just before she arrived and I began to panic. Cherie was able to get my attention and help me refocus on what was most important and channel that energy and focus. When my baby was laying transverse at 38 weeks and a C-section was being pushed for by my doctors, Cherie was over at my house every night for several days reworking energy and helping me connect with my baby to help her get head down. By my next appointment she was head down and engaged getting ready for her birth. Further complications arose when my pregnancy went past 41 weeks and induction was being heavily talked about by the doctors. Cherie knew my expectations and hopes for this baby and her arrival and that an induction was not what I wanted after enduring it twice before. She continued to come over in the evenings and help me work energy and try to get the process moving naturally. We were successful. Because I had been induced early both times before, I had no idea what to expect doing it completely natural. I knew that a home birth wasn’t something I felt comfortable doing, but I wanted as hands off by modern medicine as possible. She brought with her, her strength and knowledge and ever-calming energy that saw me through those uncertain 9 months and 13 hours. She was with me the time at the hospital afterward delivery and even once we went home. She continued to support me with whatever I needed to heal. Having my daughter was a completely different experience than with my boys. My daughter and I were and are healthy and bonded deeply. None of this would have been possible after my years of exposure to childhood trauma without walking through the healing process and having Cherie by my side to support me in welcoming this brand new life.

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Cherie has helped me when no one or nothing else could. I don’t know how to describe an interaction with an Angel, because that is what she is. She can see into your heart and give you the right dose of understanding; humility, courage, help or healing that is needed in the moment. She’s a very special person. I’m eternally grateful that our paths crossed and so very grateful to Cherie for all of her help. I am very, very happy to write this recommendation. I love her and you will too.

Sara - MA Counseling

Making the decision to work with Cherie has not only transformed me individually but my family as well. Struggling through a divorce that was unexpected brought me to a debilitating place personally. As a mother I understood that healing myself would help my children. After many counselors, I took a leap of faith and decided on Cherie as my Life Coach. That was a decision that I am grateful for today. The journey has been filled with insights and lessons that I will continue to use. As witnesses of my transformation, my extended family decided to walk the same path. Today, I am incredibly blessed to have taken that first jump. It is true what she says….. Changing you does change everything.

Mona - MA Social Work

Hi. I would like to share with you a little bit about my tremendous experience with Cherie Doyen. When I first met Cherie, I was very ill…in the middle of a serious meltdown: physically, mentally, and spiritually. My body was toxic. Really, I think if I had not met Cherie when I did, I would have been dead in a couple of months. I was in school…I could not think; could not concentrate; could not focus. Had I not started working with Cherie, I’m positive I would have either failed my courses or quit all together. As it has turned out, I have made some B’s. I had virtually stopped sleeping; hadn’t slept much in two or three months. I was exhausted and my nerves were shot. When I say this, trust me when I say I am not over exaggerating, Cherie saved my life. She taught me to meditate once again, because I had forgotten how. My nerves were shot in part, I think, because I had run out of time and was under tremendous pressure. I had completely forgotten that when you meditate you have a great amount of extra time, and when you don’t, you completely run out of time. I also am much calmer and grounded and centered. My mind is clear. Oh yeah. You remember those B’s I mentioned earlier? I manifested those. I named them, and I called them forth. That’s how clear I have become from working with Cherie. I believe that some of the changes I have experienced has come because of the Chakra work that Cherie and I have done. I am pleased to admit that I have had some of the best sex that I have had in years in the last couple of months. Let me close by saying a few words about Cherie herself…Cherie is amazing! She is a warm, open, caring, enlightened woman. She makes herself readily available, and is powerful enough to link with you telepathically. I have tried in these words to communicate to you the essence of Cherie Doyen, but words will not do her justice. She must be experienced to fully appreciate her!

Lori - MA Nursing

“Nearly 12 years ago years, my son was killed in car crash. My family held together through our love for one another and our desire to get through it. But eventually the strain of loss and grief catches up in ways you do not anticipate; you hold on too tight, control too much, and are inherently fearful of when the next shoe will drop. My daughter suffered the most. As she grew into an adult, we started battling our way through very tough times. Cherie said to me, you have to get healthy first, before you can help her, you have to help yourself. Once you are strong and healthy again everything will begin to fall into place once more. I worked with Cherie weekly to learn to open myself up to the possibilities of my life, and to trust myself, my faith, and my love of my family enough to stop hanging on so tight, and to learn to discern what is important. I have quit trying to control my daughter. Today nearly 2 years later, she is doing wonderful. She is strong, beautiful, and making the right choices in her life. The most important skill I have learned is to discern the path I am to be taking and to stop and embrace the joy of living and loving.”

Lisa - Teacher

“Cherie’s own life is a testimony to her motivation, determination, and healing power. I knew her while she still carried her childhood sorrows, and when she started seeking healing through meditation, intuition, and other spiritual practices, the transformation in her was profound. You could feel the light and joy around her, as she grew into her sacred purpose. My own life is divided like a book into two parts, and Cherie is the stitching seam that divides those parts: Part I: BEFORE I met Cherie. Part II: AFTER I met Cherie. To know Cherie is to be transformed by her. She taught me to meditate; to take responsibility for my own happiness and that of my children; to face the truth, even if it is ugly; to live in truth and authenticity, instead of pleasing or “face-flipping in order to survive; to risk rejection if that is the consequence for being real; and best of all: how to BE A MOM who honors, respects, listens to, and guides her children into their destiny. My family was torn apart by alcoholism and many other wounds. We were a mess. Cherie transformed me and my relationship with my children, who now know their worth, are also taking responsibility for their lives, and who…laugh and play again. I love her and consider her my spiritual mom, and I will forever be grateful for the difference she has made in my life.”

Morgan - Yoga Teacher

When I came to Cherie, I was in major need for support and guidance. She provided me with that, plus so much more. She guided me out of the darkness and into a space where I was able to learn how to guide myself. Cherie has a magical ability to advise and guide while simultaneously stepping back and allowing space to explore. I believe this is a special and crucial mentality to experience when working on healing and growing. Working with Cherie is healing, transformative, deeply loving and very well crafted. I recommend it to anyone who is ready to take the leap into thriving in life, and not just surviving it.”

Maya Perez - SSGG Workshop

Let me begin by saying that I did not expect to have the transformation I did in this workshop. I do not like to share this usually but I was in a car accident that left me pretty shaken up. That’s how i put it but the technical term is Post Traumatic Stress disorder. This all happened almost six years ago (2013) and I haven’t driven since. I loved to drive, did all my own mechanic work as a teenager (with my dad’s help) and took pride in my skill at it.
I hesitate to say that I took this workshop accidentally (in the room already as the photographer for the retreat). However, when she started speaking I felt as if I could not stop myself from allowing the healing that she was so readily offering to me. As if the words coming from her mouth were seeing me, exactly as I am without hiding, and showing me how to let go of the guilt I feel at such a fundamental level. I may never have such a vast amount of healing ever again in my life and hopefully I won’t need it. I am not a paid spokesperson, I am someone who for work is a compassionate caregiver, and I feel as if Cherie has been given such an incredible gift.
In summary, I tried to take pictures for her, I really did try. I couldn’t even put my experience into words for over a month. I still do not feel as if what I have written does her any justice because there are only so many adjectives and most of them have already been overused. Wonderful, angelic as well as light are just some of the words that come to mind, in the truest sense of those words. Let the light in, as it will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself.

Anonymous - Review

“I feel like every day the things you helped me learn and integrate
take me to make that next right choice vs looping in my head stuck in the past or overthinking choices now or for my future. It ain’t all clicked in place completely but darn close I especially love being in the magic again. I always held onto that part of being a child but have experienced it even more and its really wonderful We are looking forward to your book coming

Heather - Survivor

“Hello my name is Heather. I have had the honor and blessing of having Cherie Doyen’s presence with me on a very difficult journey to reunite with my son.  His father is on a mission to keep me from my son… Not because I have ever harmed my son… Just because he can..  I have been dealing… watching and observing the effects of PTSD in my life for 14 years… truly searching the earth for a healing! I remember when Cherie Doyen said to me.”  What if you can be free from PTSD?”  My first thought was… “Bring it!!!” Then came the thought. “You are so full of shit!!!”  I have experienced building a new life over and over and over…just to watch… literally stand by and watch… everything I had worked for crumble! Over and over!

Not having the ability to stop it from happening. If you don’t have a clue what I am explaining to you… imagine a tidal wave of emotional and physical feelings drowning you. You are fighting to get air… to no avail… This process takes as long as it takes… I have to grind it out… which means… hold on for dear life!

I had no real freedom… I was trapped in this never ending, vicious cycle… over and over… praying that I would make it thru and not kill myself… and yes I have had the experience of waking up with a tube down my throat… wondering what the fuck just happened… being on life support is not fun… and not remembering what took place to be on life support is pretty fucking scary..

I hope you are truly affected in your heart… by all that I am sharing… people are dying every second of everyday because of PTSD!

I was shocked that Cherie Doyen offered to come with me on this mission to reunite with my child… but I was so grateful! I was triggered every second before we left… every time I would tell her what I was experiencing and we would remove it… one after the other…

Meaning… every trigger was a moment of abuse that I had experienced… that I was living over and over. That trauma was never processed!

With Cherie Doyen… I am able to process each trauma as it comes up… it is dealt with and that piece of me that is still hurting is brought home! I can not convey in words how that feels… but each time I am feeling more whole. When you are living scattered in all different directions it is difficult to choose with intention for your highest and best! I was
living to please everyone else… make their lives the highest and best…

I didn’t exist!  When you are living on that vibration… it is impossible to have the life that you are meant to have… No matter how strong you pray… live the right way… your will can not compete!  I know all of this because I have tried everything!!!!  I don’t know why I was blessed to meet Cherie Doyen… all I can say is Thank you!!  Through the whole experience I Didn’t Have a meltdown!!!!!!!! I have freedom!!!!! I know my purpose!!! Fuck PTSD!!!!

I will do anything and everything to make sure that Cherie Doyen succeeds with Women Rising!! I will do anything and everything to build a village of healing that is Cherie Doyen’s vision.  She reminds me every time… “you are doing this”! “I am just helping you.”  I have been surviving this for 14 years alone…with psychiatrist repeating over and over…”Get help…don’t kill yourself.” As they are making billions from our deaths!!!

Cherie Doyen’s first session is FREE!!

I want nothing more than to help every person on this planet to be healed… no bullshit!!!  I appreciate you taking the time to read… please Do something!!!

Do is a verb…

The process of healing PTSD is quick! In 3 short months, you can be free!! Sending you soooo much love. Huge hugs.

Jakub S - Business Owner

I struggled with excessive worrying since childhood. I realized that I needed help. A therapist informed me that I had PTSD. I was shocked to discover that my work and my life centered around PTSD. Therapy worked slowly. Cherie helped me get rid of PTSD in a short amount of time. I am not a slave to urgent problems, and now I am setting my own goals, and I am able to take time to complete them.
Thank you, Cherie

Julien - College Professor

My experience with Cherie has been beyond expectations and I fully recommend working with her! For context, I am an engineer working in a demanding environment and have worked with traditional therapists for over six years. The work I did with Cherie is something I was ready for, something different I knew I needed to complete a process of self-consolidation that had shaken my professional and personal lives for seven years (if not for two decades).

I came to Cherie wanted to integrate the pieces of the puzzle that years of therapy and self study had revealed. My hope was to be able to move beyond talking about all those things fluidly and really connect them deep down. Through my work with Cherie, I was offered to understand that I didn’t have all the pieces needed for things to click deep down and thus really change. In order to get to that understanding, it was essential to be with Cherie a few days in order for her to gently deconstruct narratives that would usually hold strong in day-to-day life and over traditional one-hour long weekly session of therapy. In fact, those few days with Cherie genuinely felt like a whole month (ie, be ready to embark a time capsule if you sign up for this!)

Cherie’s commitment and mastery are key, together with her gentle nudging. She has a rare combination of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual intelligence and cares very very deeply. And from this committed, safe, and unconditional place she offers to mentor (or reparent) in a truly empowering way—you’re not signing up for a life-long therapist relationship. The basics of modern psychology are more than respected, in fact they seem strongly amplified. Cherie’s optimized framework for deep sustainable change would naturally accommodate most (if not all) needs–as one would quickly grasp from her website–assuming one is daring to be fully present with the transformative experience she wishes to offer. If so, don’t hesitate reach out to her and celebrate the upcoming changes!

Julien, Boston (MA)

Barb - Nurse Practitioner

My daughter was having issues with anxiety and some obsessive-compulsive behaviors that expressed itself in lowered self-esteem, worry about what others think about her, with some obsessive behaviors related toward social media communications. Cherie met with her (me observing) a couple times and was able to break down the “jail” barriers that she had set up around her, freeing her from her anxiety and obsessiveness related to poor self-esteem and worry over what others think. Since then she has encountered stressful time related to girl relationships, boy relationships, school work, and parental relationships and has had noticeably decreased anxiety and obsessive behaviors since then to what would be normally expected in an adolescent. Very helpful and effective.

Kylie - Waitress

The coaching I’ve received from Cherie has been invaluable, to say the least! Just 3 months of working with Cherie has already transformed my life in ways that even 7 years of therapy did not. I now trust myself so much more than I ever have, and I’ve learned more about myself in 3 months than I ever could have imagined possible! Thank you, Cherie!

Betty - Artist

“I have been blessed tremendously by my experience with Cherie. I was plagued with an anxiety disorder my whole life, never knowing where it came from. Meeting with Cherie gave me the insight I needed to learn about a past life experience that had followed me into this life and created the terror that I was experiencing. Cherie’s spiritual gifts and important insights gave me the healing that I needed. I no longer take medication and am free from any side effects associated with the medication that I had taken for so long. Cherie is a vessel for Gods love and healing for all kinds of pain and struggle that life can create. She opened up a whole fascinating spiritual world that I was not aware of.

I strongly recommend Cherie to anyone who is interested in discovering Gods love on a level way beyond the one provided by religion. I am deeply grateful for her dedication and support for all who seek healing.”

Jason - Teacher

“When I began sessions with Cherie, my life was unraveling due to the effects of alcoholism. The drinking had led to lies, and those lies led to nearly breaking apart my family. My wife and I had been having arguments about my drinking for years. I would straighten up for a couple weeks here and there, but the cravings always led me back to the same patterns of behavior time after time. This eventually led me to realize that nobody in my family was happy because of me, and I knew I needed to do something about it before I lost everyone I loved. That’s when I began meeting with Cherie. Upon meeting with Cherie and admitting I was an alcoholic, she immediately offered to find and attend AA meetings with me. Knowing Cherie’s passion and outlook on healing, I was surprised by her humble notion that there are many avenues toward recovery. This led me to immediately trust in her process, and I began sessions with her the next day. My first session with Cherie was relaxed, open, honest, and full of tears. The calm Cherie brings to a room allowed me to open up as I never had before, and many of the lies I had been telling myself for years poured out of me. Our discussions led to a guided meditation in which I realized how disconnected from myself I had been for so long. As I returned to my body, finally feeling my feet and hands as my own again, I saw and felt the potential of being me for the first time in fifteen years. The rest of what Cherie did throughout our session was foreign to me. I didn’t understand it, but I knew it was time for me to release control to a higher power. After praying together, she went to work, balancing my chakras, filling me with light and energy, and I stood up from that table feeling like I never had before. Following that session, Cherie went out of her way to check in with me daily. She knew the feeling I left with wasn’t a permanent solution, and she reminded me constantly until our next session to check in with myself. In addition to recommending A.A., she gave me tools to work with and to use between A.A. meetings and sessions with her. These tools work and I continue to use them everyday. As I continued attending sessions with Cherie, my journey through recovery became deeper and deeper as the guided meditations and discussions led me to many self-realizations. These realizations led me to a deeper understanding of my alcoholism, and I have been able to approach my recovery through a new understanding of myself. In addition to attending sessions with Cherie, she also recommended and provided books for me to read. I dove into these texts relentlessly. Combining the new knowledge gained from these books with Cherie’s mindful approach to healing, and AA meetings, my life has completely changed. I have not had a drink since that first meeting with Cherie. More than that, though, the way I think and approach each moment of each day is significantly more positive, mindful, and aware. One of the most valuable things she shared with me is that, “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony”. The way she explained this quote from Ghandi allowed me to realize thatI have been living life out of balance, and the key to my recovery is by aligning my thoughts, words, and actions. Today, I am fully present in each moment. My wife and I have open communication, and my relationship with her and my children becomes more intimate each day. I leave the house each morning for work after “family breathing time”. This is when my wife, our two kids, and I sit down together, practice breathing exercises, set goals for the day, and head out with determination to do something great. Then I come home sober, enjoy being with my family, and end each day with another round of “family breathing time”, this time, giving thanks for that which we are grateful. These are not activities I would have engaged in before sobriety. Instead, I would have been sneaking out for another pour of vodka. No more. Today, the thought of drinking didn’t even occur to me. Today, I have tools, mantras, books, and most importantly, someone to call who cares and welcomes me back into their home anytime I need to talk or help with realignment and balance. Cherie Doyen provides these things, and I am truly grateful my path to recovery began while being embraced by the warmth of one of her hugs.  Thank you, Cherie. Your genuine care, guidance, and knowledge of the strength each of us has inside ourselves has led me down a path to recovery- not only from drinking- but from a mind, heart, and body that was out of balance. I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, and I look forward to the many more sessions we have together as I continue to grow mentally and spiritually through the work you do and the guidance you give me. Today, I am grateful for you, Cherie Doyen

Amber - Review

“Cherie has put together a group of women that can connect, love and support each other and give each other a safe space to be once a week. I have found the best meditation, openness, laughter, and healing with Cherie by my side and couldn’t be more pleased. Immediately after joining Cherie, I brought my family members and they loved Cherie and had the immediate belonging that I did. Whether it be talking about family, relationships or just life, I went to Cherie when nobody else would’ve been there. The days that work seemed to be too much, I went to Cherie (a hairstylist with years of experience) and always came out feeling better. When my puppy was just out of the hospital she came to my house to make sure we were both ok. She sent prayers to my family and I in our times of loss, and celebrated my success. I have always texted Cherie for advice, and support and gotten nothing less than 100%. This is a woman who gives her energy and love willingly and fully and I would 200% recommend getting to know her, I am sure glad I did.”

Lauren - Journalist/Healer

Life-changing, powerful insights, deep healing!

Wow, working with Cherie has been such a powerful and moving experience for me that it’s hard to sum it up in a few short words.  She has guided me through many difficult moments with tenderness and continues to hold so much loving space for me in my path to self-discovery. Cherie is powerfully intuitive and can tap into deeply held emotions, blockages, and memories that are hard for many to access.  She has revealed patterns to me that I didn’t know existed and has given me the tools to free myself from emotional pain. Cherie is able to see the highest, best version of yourself and coaches you toward aligning yourself with those aspects of your being. In short, she is truly amazing.  I HIGHLY recommend working with Cherie if you are ready to do this oh so important and powerful work.”

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