About The Quantum Therapeutix System

Put an end to cycles caused by CPTSD, PTSD & DID

What is Quantum Therapeutix?

Quantum Therapeutix™ is an all-inclusive system for ending the cycles of PTSD or Complex PTSD. Built from the bits and pieces of what works and then some. My climb out of the cycles took years… But Quantum Therapeutix is lightning fast. We are talking weeks not years. Good buy mental illness! Hello to your Brilliance.

Quantum Therapeutix Details

The Quantum Therapeutix Process

The Quantum Therapeutix™ process puts an end to the cycles of C-PTSD, PTSD and DID. QT is proven to restore and regain balance as we unify the loops of PTSD. PTSD loops are those traumatic frozen moments in time. QT was birthed from my personal quest to find freedom from complex PTSD. It seemed no matter how much I knew or what amazing doctors I saw, I was still trapped within the stories of my past. And I suffered in all areas of my life. My body was ill. My brain was shorting out. And my heart was very very tired.

And then in a pivotal moment my doctor said to me… You don’t have MS but things need to change… Stress is one of the highest killers.

Adults who have endured early recurring childhood traumas have been in distress for years. Every system and every system within each system.

Physically, Mentally, Behaviorally, Energetically and Spiritually

We take responsibility for how we show up and what we bring to the table. No more and no less.

There is no magic wand and only you can do it- but you can be free of the cycles, the patterns and confusion and the scatteredness. You can gain access to what it feels like to be you. You will understand how you work. Strategies around new behaviors with an upgraded growth oriented vocabulary will be cultivated. Personal Responsibility is our goal. Your personal responsibility. Blame and Shame fall away and are replaced with desire and inspiration.

This is your Game so let’s play it full out!

It's A modality

People study for years to master the skills required to create the quantum entanglement we are referring to as PTSD. PTSD is mostly relegated to adults and with single event traumas. Complex PTSD is a fairly new part of the conversation and is used with respect to repetitive and compounded childhood trauma. The child who saw no limits when it came to her survival. The laws of nature that we believe to be true are just another idea to grasp onto.

In discovering what you did out there to survive you get a glimpse of what you are capable of!!

QT was born from the culmination of those moments that clicked through numerous traditional and alternative treatments I have studied and have been through mySelf. Allowing the client to lead allows the missing pieces to show up right alongside FREEDOM!

Born from Brilliance

PTSD is born from a person’s brilliance and innate abilities to dissociate and astral travel. We can’t astral travel unless we separate our astral body from our physical body, otherwise, we are tied into this physical form and this 3d reality. People spend years trying to learn how to come in and out of their bodies… Walk into the next room. You do that all the time. Am I right?

The QT process utilizes what you are already doing, turning your ‘disabilities’ into your superpowers. The reaction turns into conscious action. Unity is created between your fragments and the whole of who you are today.

The Quantum Therapeutix™ methodology is the backdrop for your journey through any of the Personal or Professional Programs

1st child abuse case was prosecuted

At the time of the first reported case of child abuse, there were no services set up for child safety. Mary Ellen’s case was tried by The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

The first act to protect our children

The Children Act was followed by the Children and Young Persons Act in 1920 with a bundle of laws to protect our children.

Congress passed the first comprehensive federal protective services act

This is the same time period that the CIA was doing research on astral travel, accessing portals, and time travel in regard to healing from past traumatic events. The Gateway Experience.

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Complex PTSD was recognized

Complex PTSD is the first semi recognized disorder focused on the severe repercussions of maltreatment of a child on the rest of their lives. There has been little or no research focused on children during their childhood to date- attention is instead focused on adult victims of childhood trauma.

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