Are Trauma, PTSD, and C-PTSD the same thing?

Conceptualizing and researching the symptoms that result in CPTSD and PTSD is necessary and yet this approach has not come up with a treatment option that offers us a real solution.

Not everyone that has experienced trauma gets C-PTSD.

So what creates that distinction?

Talking about it doesn’t work. Analyzing it doesn’t work.

One minute we are here, and the next minute we are being catapulted back to another time as if we are there… re-experiencing it and imposing it on today.

The fear and the emotion encompass us and take over the moment in a swoop.

What is that?

That’s not just thoughts.

It is as if the moment from years ago and today merge.

The phenomenon that results in PTSD and cases of repeated abuse, such as childhood abuse and domestic violence, takes the effects of trauma to a whole new level.

Let’s be clear. Not everyone who experiences trauma gets trapped in the cycles of PTSD and CPTSD.

Trauma ≠ PTSD/C-PTSD

Many people grow up in abusive homes that move on and can build a life.

Some people become soldiers and go off to war and don’t end up incapacitated with a complete loss of Self. They aren’t having flashbacks. Night terrors. They aren’t feeling like they are crazy with thoughts and emotions flailing around all over the place.

Their reality has not been altered.

That is not to say they don’t have memories that are upsetting or experiences that they wish they hadn’t had, but they are not consumed with flashbacks and night terrors. They are processing the experience and making order out of it, but they aren’t living trapped in it.

Talk therapy and behavioral therapy work for them.

They experience success.

Trauma and CPTSD / PTSD are not the same things.

CPTSD and PTSD are caused by trauma.

In comparison, not everyone who drinks alcohol becomes an alcoholic, and not every alcoholic gets Cirrhosis. But for those alcoholics who get cirrhosis, the sclerosis is caused by alcohol consumption.

Some have a higher level of sensitivity to alcohol, creating a different degree of symptoms and consequences.

Drinking alcohol does not make you an alcoholic.

Experiencing trauma does not necessarily result in CPTSD and PTSD.

Why do some experience PTSD / CPTSD and others don’t?

They cannot be treated with the same tools as linear trauma.

We see this within families. Siblings often divide because of the differences in which the past affects today for them.

The cycles. The looping. The night terrors. Those haunting frozen moments. The lack of control over these moments leaves you with NO access to all you know today.

Feeling empty, alone, and afraid. Separation, isolation, and deeply embedded fear are the ruling energies of our lives. And on the heels of that is the collapse.

That’s CPTSD and PTSD.

What makes that different for some?

Their level of sensitivity to begin with?

Their unconscious access to what most think of as science fiction?

In its most simplistic form: children and adults who are highly sensitive, highly intuitive, empaths, or all three, will experience PTSD or CPTSD as a response to the bombardment of their systems.

They unconsciously experience these three quantum actions as a result of their PTSD or CPTSD.

Let’s look at all three: Dissociation, Fragmentation, and Looping.

Quantum action 1: Dissociation

One quantum action is dissociation. Dissociation is the separation of one thing from another. In the way we examine it, dissociation separates the astral body from the physical body.

Dissociation is an out-of-body experience.

The astral body is the energetic version of the physical body.

In this case, this separation is often caused by force out of one’s control and immense fear.

It is essentially a form of running to the most intense degree.

Except they leave a piece of themSelves behind.

The astral body has some sort of particle or molecular structure.

It is visible to the highly sensitive and can be captured on film.

Now for that to happen and this to not be a death experience, the astral body has to fragment.

Quantum action 2: Fragmentation.

The second quantum action is fragmentation.

Fragmentation is the breaking apart of something into smaller pieces.

What is breaking apart?

The astral body leaves behind just enough to keep the body alive. A full exit equals death.

Now what?

How does one go back to that?

How do you get up the morning after and have breakfast with these people?

How can you go back to being mommy and daddy’s little girl when they thrust you into the status of the other woman?

The tangles begin.

We leave fragments of ourselves as a form of self-preservation but don’t know where or how to go back and save ourselves and become whole again.

Quantum Action 3: Looping time

The third quantum action we will discuss is Looping.

What happens next takes us back to Einstein and right into today’s quantum time loops.

Einstein’s general theory of relativity allows for the possibility of warping time to such a high degree that it actually folds in upon itself, resulting in a time loop.

Like a cyst in time.

What does a cyst do for our physical body?

Our body encapsulates the infection and the infectious tissue removing it from the rest of the bodily functions in a state of protection.

As above, so below.

If our bodies can do it, do you think it’s possible for a child facing something unconscionable?

This child’s fear is so pure and so intense that they could fold time back in upon itself, containing the moment and removing it from their daily consciousness.

Could this be a force that equals Einstein’s force?

How Brilliant is that?

The child ties off that moment in time.

This act of Brilliance allows them to function to some degree within their living situation.

The child does have to continue living there.
They have to get up the next morning and pretend all is okay.
And they are still just a child.

Conscious Quantum Actions for Recovery

Woven into the fabric of time is an age-old phrase.

Scientifically this describes a quantum time loop or an attempt to develop a quantum theory of gravity based directly on Einstein’s geometric formulation rather than the treatment of gravity as a force. As a theory, LQG postulates that the structure of space and time is composed of finite loops woven into an extremely fine fabric or network.

So what if one of these loops is pulled up out of the weave of the fabric of time?

We have all had the sweater with a snag or pull in it. We continue to get caught up in that loop wherever we go.

Flashbacks. (Another unconscious quantum action)

This new way of looking at trauma gives us a map for getting past the healing of CPTSD and PTSD and get on with learning how to use these skills of Mastery to not only liberate and rehabilitate ourSelves, but we can spread the word that it is here.

Quantum Therapeutix

Will it require a Quantum Leap of faith or a recognition of the level of mastery required to create this phenomenon?

Find out for yourself.