Dissociation + Astral Travel: Understanding the Quantum Actions of C-PTSD and PTSD

What is Dissociation

Dissociation, by definition, is simply the separation of one thing from the other.

In the case of C-PTSD and PTSD ourSelf – what is separating?

Let me tell you a story of how I found out.

My final psychiatrist appointment was the catapult of what has grown into the Quantum Therapeutix™ Method for Rehabilitating C-PTSD, PTSD, and Dissociation.

I am about five years in with this guy, and he waves his arm at my body, saying,
Cherie, I don’t know how to help you further.
All that I can tell you is that you’re not in there.
Not in there? What does that mean?
I’m not sure.
What’s not in here?
I don’t know.

The simplicity of my psychiatrist’s observance and the simplicity of my questions took on a very literal quality to me.

I had to find out. What is not in here?

History of Dissociation + Astral Travel

To understand our future, it helps to look at our past.

We know that our lives are not solely built upon concepts. Being human means everything is tangible.

A massive wave of insight hit the world on the heels of the grassroots revolution of the ’60s.
Our governmental agencies, such as NASA and the CIA, began researching phenomena and abilities that Buddha and Jesus spoke about and demonstrated thousands of years ago.

This resulted in Federal legislation addressing child abuse and neglect, like the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act (CAPTA) enacted in 1974. But it wasn’t just legislation.
Governmental agents got interested in the possibilities outside of the 3d experience.

They began studying phenomena like Astral travel. Time travel. Clairvoyance. Telepathy. Portals. Vortexes. Walking through walls. Starting fire. All of it.

And that’s not science fiction.

Check out the Gateway Experience. They studied the possibilities of creating portals and traveling through one’s timeline. They were studying time travel. And they were exploring the possibility of utilizing this innate ability to disengage from trauma.

This study showed that you didn’t take your physical body back and forth through time.

So if you’re physical body isn’t traveling, what is?

The astral body.

What is Astral Travel

The astral body is the energetic version of our physical body.

Air has molecules. Electricity has molecules. The internet has molecules.

Just because we can’t see it doesn’t negate that it is there and just as tangible as any of these other invisible energies we rely on for our earthly existence.

Astral travel is an intentional out-of-body experience projecting oneSelf to another point in space or time. When we astral travel or we have an out-of-body experience, the astral body has separated from the physical body.

Consciously traveling is Astral Travel, but unconsciously traveling is Dissociation.

Examples of Dissociation

For example: look at a person involved in a terrible car accident.

Often they can describe the event as a whole and with a perspective from above. Looking on at the scene of the accident as if they were outside themselves.

That is real. This experience has been talked about in-depth and documented by doctors.

The astral body is your life force.

The astral body has left the physical body with just enough life force left behind to keep the body functioning.

Or a person that leaves their body to the point of death but is revived and can recount the entire experience.

Doctors and first responders have documented these near-death experiences too.

The astral body exited. Completely. Leaving the body empty and lifeless.

The energetic response is the same when a child is experiencing trauma after trauma, day after day, being beaten, raped, starved, or threatened.

When the astral body unconsciously separates from the physical body out of fear or near death – that is dissociation.

Consequences of Dissociation

The result of this unconscious action?

We feel empty, alone, and separate.
We feel like we are watching ourSelves live… from above.
We feel like we are lugging around a lifeless body with barely enough energy to get out of bed.

We feel it because we are separated from ourSelf – and most people don’t know how to get back.

Our traditional systems look at this quantum phenomenon of complex PTSD (CPTSD) conceptually.

Neuroscience is great, but it changes nothing in our reality.
Talking about why we feel separate, alone, and afraid changes nothing.
Thinking about grounding ourSelves changes nothing.

For many of us, we have been watching ourSelves live for a lifetime and creating these frequent out-of-body experiences that coincided with consistent trauma.

Before & After Dissociative Experiences

Looking back at the car accident – it would be a single-event trauma resulting in PTSD.

Watching themSelves live is not a familiar way to operate.

There are clear differences in perception from before and after.

Is it possible that victims of childhood trauma don’t know the difference between before and after?

Childhood abuse has many consequences, including chronic out-of-body experiences and severe fragmentation.

I was 40 before I understood that most people didn’t function like this.

After studying with Deepack Chopra and accessing that magical gap achieved through meditation – a new world appeared.

The magic of my childhood.

The only thing in the way was the attitude and beliefs that adulthood had put in place.

Fast forward a little, and I found myself in an astral travel class that forever changed my life (and not for the reasons you might expect!)

Astral Travel

In this astral travel class, they had us leave our bodies and intentionally create that separation of the astral body from the physical body to travel and witness from above.

I felt nothing. I was already doing that.

But at the end of the exercise, she brought us home and realigned us with our physical bodies.

Seeing out of your eyes feels very different than seeing the top of your head or your face.

Feeling your feet from the inside, feeling the pulse in your toes… well, was completely new.
I came home to my physical body again.

My first near-death experience happened when I was 6 months old and again at 9. These two incidents shaped my life, and the remaining 19 years in that house were filled with sex, violence, and constant threats.

This quantum entanglement resulting in C-PTSD is a tangible consequence of out-of-body/near-death experiences coupled with fear and the reality of having to get up the next morning and have breakfast with the people claiming to be your family.

They claimed to love me, yet their actions said something else.

Have you experienced something similar?

Now the good news is… If you can learn to astral travel, you can learn to stay in your body.

Dissociation Rehabilitation with Quantum Therapeutix

Rehabilitating Dissociation is the foundational principle in Quantum Therapeutix.

We utilize energetic exercises to reveal information about our own energetic systems.

In Quantum Therapeutix, you will:
Learn to be in your body.
Ignite your Wisdom Circuit.
Establish the optimal state for your auric field to be effective.

And you will begin to understand what YOU feel without the chaos of those around you.

Taking ourSelves off of automatic and into manual, we can focus these newly acknowledged Mastery skills on the quantum entanglements that keep you on the roundabout.

You created these loops. You can uncreate them.
You just need to understand that you already know how.

This is the first step in understanding the brilliance trapped in the quantum actions of C-PTSD, PTSD, and Dissociation and how we can utilize them to create rapid, measurable, lasting change.

The kind of change that people around you can see.

Come home to your body again.
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What if you were a highly sensitive, highly intelligent, super magical kid plunked down in a world of violence, sex, and danger? In this world of upside down, nothing feels real. Everything hurts and no one is to be trusted.

Would you expect that they would have the same reactions to their environment as an average or “NORMAL” child? OR would their reaction be somewhat more elaborate and creative?

Could it be that we discovered a way to escape right in front of their eyes? An energetic savant?

Dissociation, CPTSD and PTSD… Out of body experiences, Astral travel, Quantum jumping, Vortexes, Time loops… Karma?