The Quantum Therapeutix Process

The Quantum Therapeutix Process

Quantum Therapeutix is a culmination of all of the pieces that impacted me through my journey through different modalities as I was trying myself to rise out of the throws of C-PTSD and DID streamlined to expedite the process of balance after trauma… And then some.

 The Quantum Therapeutix process takes months not years like the conventional forms of therapy which focus on coping and managing symptoms.


Focus on all five operating systems at once:

  • Physical
  • Emotional
  • Behavioral
  • Energetic
  • Spiritual

 It is important to understand that within each of these major operating systems lie a multitude of systems each as important as the next in keeping you operating. When one system is experiencing imbalance the rest of the systems first works to right the imbalance and bring justice back and limps along for as long as it can before the imbalance causes a viral breakdown.

Please realize by this time I had talked about it for 30 years. My body was in complete breakdown. I could barely leave my house. I was in complete breakdown across all systems. I had a huge team of doctors and no one talked to each other.

 I needed some real answers. My body was dying, and my mind was rotting.

 The first nick in the bubble of my C-PTSD and DID was my psychiatrist recognizing I wasn’t in my body.

 In my final talk therapy session, he waved his hand at my body and said you’re not in there and I don’t know how to help any further.

 What? What do you mean not in there?

 He said: I don’t know.

 Consciously or unconsciously he was being literal. He was not speaking to an idea or a concept. He pointed at my body. Here it began, with the question: If I am not in here, in my body, where am I?


Dissociation is the separation of something from something else.

 What actually separated? At this point, I wanted tangible answers. I wanted action. I began searching out alternative healers. Intrigued I began to study on my own and take classes. I became intrigued with the idea of consciously leaving my body.

 Astral travel and quantum jumping are forms of consciously dissociating from your physical body allowing your energetic body, your astral body to move freely through time and space, realities and dimensions.

 My memories of my traumas are always from above. Sometimes the imprinted memory is the beginning and the end… What happened in between? Needless to say, I was intrigued.

 I take an astral travel class… Which I thought was bogus I was experiencing nothing abnormal until the teacher brought our astral bodies back home to my body. I really wasn’t in there. I could barely speak.

 My first big trauma happened when I was about 6 months old. I almost died that day.

 This was the answer. I was inside looking out of my eyes versus watching myself live. It was a fundamental change.

 My normal perspective was being able to see the whole of me all at one time. Through my eyes I can see myself from the chest down.

 DID is the separation and fragmentation of the astral body from the physical body.

 C-PTSD is the quantum entanglement that resulted from the separation and the fragmentation of the astral body.

 Quantum Therapeutix was born from this foundational thought.


Let’s break down a flashback.

 A flashback is an unconscious choice to dissociate and astral travel or quantum jump back through time. Unfortunately, we are sucked back to the hottest gooiest places and we have no control over where we go or when we go.

 We call this being triggered.

 Now an interesting piece in the training was never astral travel alone. Always have someone there to ensure that you come back and re-in-habit your body. We dissociate alone.

 Is it possible that many of us forgot how to get back in? Maybe we have been out so long we don’t know a different way to be?

Quantum Therapeutix uses this innate ability to purposefully go back to those moments and untangle them. Memory Recovery happens every day.

 This is not with an insertion into emotion rather purposeful resolution to the child’s fears. We go back with the knowledge of you today to reassure and give her what she needs to adopt a new framework for the circumstance and you… The adult gets the opportunity to see that child in her amazingness. Our objective is to create a resolution between the fragment and the adult’s version of the story.

 What I see often is that the adult has a story that is scotched taped together. Pieces that they don’t remember are just left out, sometimes entirely, or they have rewritten the entire experience. And it’s different from the story of the child. Hers is raw and primal.

Memory Recovery

Memory Recovery happens naturally with Quantum Therapeutix and not only the bad ones. When we go back as the adult you and see that child in her amazing understanding is gained and friction is released. There is resolution between the fragment and the whole.

 In truth, we can depersonalize ourselves from the motives of everyone else, and resolution is created.

 In the processing time during and after the jump we can recognize and witness the bilateral eye movement induced in EMDR. What I see is that the more integrated or unified one is the more rapid and present time is the processing. In the beginning, people are often extremely tired after a jump almost jetlagged. This is your body’s knowingness around the need for a reboot and calls for sleep. We fall into rapid eye movement during REM sleep which comes rapidly and naturally after a reunification.

 In our wholistic approach we understand that our energetic systems are in jeopardy as well. Acupressure points on the face and head help to release the trapped energy in the head relieving symptoms like headaches and face pain.

 Applying pressure to these specific points we can release the congestion caused by fear, worry, and fight-flight which are all housed in the face and head.


What’s cool?

We are so amazing that many of these we do unconsciously. Bringing them into conscious action gives them more power to serve and gives you the power to choose.

 I learned the two-point in my training with Matrix Energetics. Richard Bartlet is a chiropractor who developed an extraordinary system for working with a person’s energies. Matrix Energetics.

 It was deep and complicated and took up a lot of brain space.

 When I am working with a client my job is to be tracking. Tracking repetitive word choices, patterns, images. I am tracking your body in relation to all that. I am tracking through the layers to see any points of intersection between the 5 main operating systems.

 My takeaway is the two-point which I use daily. I think of the two-point like an aspirin. You don’t have to think about it. Following your body’s intuition, we put one finger one place on the body and another finger somewhere else and allow the energy to find its way to the problematic area without your human interference. (this works best if applied by a practitioner)

 We work with herbs and the water molecule to support your body’s ability to heal and absorb nutrition. Many survivors struggle with their stomachs and their ability to absorb and receive the nutrition we need to live a healthy life. We use Ayurveda’s philosophy of food as medicine throughout the process. We feed the chakras to support the change.

 Ayurveda claims that the chakras develop in 7-year increments. Childhood trauma affects the lower chakras in a huge way which in turn affects everything. Getting huge hits of upside-down information sets the stage for fall out in years to come.

 The root chakra houses a child’s word bank and definitions, how we view ourSelves, our value and worth, and how we see the world and our part in it. From here our world grows.

 The earth has what we need to live strong and healthy. Herbal infused water brings in vitamins, minerals, and soothing qualities without stress on the digestive system… Also housed in the lower chakra areas.

 Behavioral modification is incorporated throughout the Quantum Therapeutix process. Understanding and taking responsibility for how you are showing up in the world and how you are being perceived is imperative for life to play out differently. AND… almost impossible to change without awareness and consciousness around the viral programing in the first place. From here we must understand how and why we adopted such behaviors. In that we can take to the quantum and untangle the moment in time where choices started being made out of fear and survival.

 These frozen tangled moments of time hold a gold mine of information. Not to mention molecules of your astral body.

 Fragmentation is the division of something.

 What is fragmenting when we have C-PTSD… DID?

 Your astral body.

 Even air has molecules. We divide air with walls every day.

 Does each room we walk into have air?

 If you open the doors and windows do the air molecules mingle?

 The most beautiful final piece appeared during a session. I was working with a woman who was struggling to keep her family together through her husband’s bout with alcoholism. We were bumping up against the thought that the best thing for him was for them to stay together, yet everyone else in the family were suffering.

 When there was a magical moment when it clicked that her staying was holding him captive too. We reached back to specifics with her dad and we worked with the little girl that felt like she had to hold everything together.  After the loop was dismantled, she stood up and said I hope it’s ok, but my body really needs to spin.

 I call it the Unification Vortex.  It’s like being in a blender.

 I have since helped a multitude of others duplicate the unification of the child Self and the adult Self. It is as simple as the child and the grown Self holding hands and beginning to spin, much like that game kids love to play.

 It is as if they are in a blender and come out an integrated, unified version of themSelves…


 True literal Wholeness.

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What if you were a highly sensitive, highly intelligent, super magical kid plunked down in a world of violence, sex, and danger? In this world of upside down, nothing feels real. Everything hurts and no one is to be trusted.

Would you expect that this child would have the same reactions to their environment as an average or “NORMAL” child? OR would their reaction be somewhat more elaborate and creative?

Could it be that we discovered a way to escape right in front of their eyes? An energetic savant?

Dissociation, CPTSD and PTSD? Out of body experiences, Astral travel, Quantum jumping, Vortexes, Time loops Karma.

This level of Quantum Entanglement happens only to those brilliant enough and evolved enough to create it. We just forgot WHO we are and WHAT we came here to do. Instead, we became victims of the chaos of our environment.

Breaking down the barriers of traditional entrapments opens the door to tangible, actionable steps and strategies for ending the endless cycles of torment on all levels of being. Physical, Mental, Energetic, Behavioral, and Spiritual.